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Sokloud. Not a loud sock, Sora plus Cloud, but with a K. Don't judge I was a kid. 

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PrimeSynergy. My old, XBL/current PSN handle. God...so many memories of my times on gamespot

edit: well fuck, turns out my old GS account was GungraveZero lol. So many memories eh? haha.

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My account was banned :/

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I think it was the same as it is here.

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SamFo - can't see myself getting on the forums much anymore :\

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Same as here.

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I don't remember to be honest.

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I never signed up as I think it's shit.

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AjayRaz as always

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I had like 7 accounts on gs 
last one was LordMonochromicorn or something like that

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B0nd07 - Same as here, and back when I was at 1up and G4.

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mine is the same as it is here. Had an account there since 2004- regularly visited well before that thou; since 1997 or so.

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fuzzybunny566 from the beginning...always had that with Gamespot, then here on Giant Bomb...old Gamespot account is still active since i use GameFAQs a lot, but i've only been to Gamespot's site maybe 4 times between Gerstmann-gate and today......feels soooooooo weird, just familiar

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No idea. Not going back. I can't stand their reviews at all. Just looked at a few recent ones and hate it. I'm probably heading to IGN...

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Camisadoblue, Feel free to add me on it, I'll probably have to use it more now >_>

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I think it's Sam drugbringer...

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I only had a GameFAQs account like 9-10 years ago, don't remember the username.

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Same as here

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I have no idea, it's been 8 years.

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My old what? What did you just call my grandmother?

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Totally can't remember...probably haven't logged in since 2008...

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PunkerXBlaze. Man I hate that/this name.

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skittlesman is my old GS username. Just logged in for the first time in years on it too... Damn! Didn't realize I'm level 43 on the site o_O

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Beamme, as in "Beam me up scotty".

I didn't really know what it was other than it was a sentence I had heard before and that it was refering to aliens, I didn't put a lot of thought into it.

I never participated in any forums or anything back then so it doesn't really matter.

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I think it was SVJEM or something. Think I might have to make a new one.

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Nicholai69. Nicholai from RE3, and 69 like the sex position, because that's funny and clever right?... To a 13 year old me I thought I was being ''edgy'' rather than pathetic. I remember it got banned in 2006 on the Resident Evil Union forums by some mod called caddy, basically for swearing mostly. I remember I made one after, but ''they'' caught on to my plan and I was banned again about so many months.

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My GameSpot account was an embarrassment. I have zero desire to look at my old GameSpot account or have anyone else look at it. To be fair, I was 12 years old when I created it.

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This does not change anything in the way I consume Gamespots content, which is to say NONE

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Never had one, and I don't see myself ever posting on GS, so I won't make one, either.

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Zor, same as here.. and i think the profile is still exist... Now my last blog post seems kind of awkward (on GS).

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Didn't have one. Don't want one.

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Mine is the same.

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I don't think I've ever had a GameSpot account...

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@Sayishere said:

My account was banned :/

Same. It happened after the whole Jeff fired thing and never went back after Giant Bomb was formed.

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I didn't have one, or at least if I did, it was so long ago that I don't remember my password. I signed up today, but discovered that my normal username "PenguinDust" was in use...perhaps by the me that I've forgotten. I changed email addresses about 8 years ago, so if that name is still linked to that old email address, then I have no hopes of getting it. Aw well, fresh start. I live on over on GS now as "Penguin-Dust" which is okay. If there is someone active on the site named "PenguinDust" then I'm going to have to wrassle them for the moniker.

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Mine is claudelruff.

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Can't remember. Havent visited that site regularly since 2008, and I don't intend to visit it in 2012- .

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Don't remember mine, just remember the shock sites/tranny porn I spammed to get permabanned.

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I never had one I think, I used to just watch On the Spot, the news show which I can't remember the name of and listen to the Hotspot never bothered with the forums at all. In fact Giantbomb and the WM sites are the first and only sites I have ever regularly posted to.

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it does not matter because we are not going to need it

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The same it is here, mfpantst.

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my 2006 review of Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, said it was "Surprisingly good"

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mrhuntin was mine

Damn I wish I can change that name now, I was 11 years old I believe when I start that account.:p

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I think it was the same as now, but I don't use that old email anymore so had to re-sign up just now, so it's D0tti89

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Also, they won't let me have a gender in my profile, and my birthday is totally wrong.

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@Shun_Akiyama said:
it does not matter because we are not going to need it
I didn't say we would, Mr. in your face. This is just a nostalgia/regrets/memories thread. 
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Same name as this one, like I'm going back to it, though. I'd feel dirty.

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Same as here.

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RuriKid85 - Kind of cringe now whatever I see that account name that I created over ten years ago.