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Question above, I can't swear in the title thread and wasn't sure if shit is a swear word. 
Personally, if Gearbox was to announce a followup to Brothers in Arms that was set in WW2, during the battle of the bulge, or anywhere else for that matter, I would lose it! Road to Hill 30 is still one of my favorite FPSs-es, and if they were to bring back that awesomeness I would be all for it. 
Also I know this won't happen ever because they're going to work on Borderlands and Duke Nukem, and also the WW2 genre is dead so that would make it extra awesome if it were to happen.

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I would shit my pants if they made a new Tomba game.

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If they announced another Fear Effect. After checking out my window to see if pigs are flying, I'd probably do a little happy dance.

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Skies of Arcadia or Road Rash.
Madness will ensue in my head then.

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StarCra- Oh wait.
EDIT: But seriously, Legend of Dragoon.

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An official sequel to Mirror's Edge. 
Oh, and a sequel to 999. 
Why not, a sequel for Vanquish as well. 
Gearbox still has some unannounced games, btw. So look forward to that. That's probably all I can say without breaching NDA.

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Dude, if they announce a new Legacy of Kain game. I'll probably start crying. 

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If there was a new Homeworld game announced I would need a new pair of pants.

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DMC6 made by the same team as DMC3
Other than that - I honestly don't know, most franchises I love that I can think of right now are still getting sequels.

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Xenosaga 4.  God, if only.

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Shenmue 3.

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No One Lives Forever 3 or Republic Commando 2

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If they announced a new Quest for Glory or Space Quest, I'd be pulling a Mia Hamm right about now.  Same with a sequel to Full Throttle or Grim Fandango.  And although it's pretty much been announced now about a dozen times (and is still vaporware), I'd be one happy camper if Jagged Alliance 3 ever actually became a real thing.

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Deadly Premonition 2.

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The Saboteur 2

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"  Republic Commando 2 "

That or The Red Star 2 would seriously just make me freak out the same way I did when they announced they were making a new Rocket Knight game a year or so back.
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They should stop making that Star Force shit and get back to Battle Network,

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Urban Assault 2! I played the shit out of that first game and even though I remember it being hard as fuck, it was a very unique game that would be awesome if they used current technology to make another one.

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Rome Total War.  Hopefully after Shogun.

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@JJOR64 said:
" I would shit my pants if they made a new Tomba game. "
Holy shit! This is exactly what I was going to say. The Tomba! series is one of the greatest ever and hardly anyone knows about it.
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A sequel to Rumble Racing would make me lose my shirt, then rub my nipples. 

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I could go for some Psi Ops 2 action.

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If EA Vancouver makes a Hajjime No Ippo boxing game instead of Fight Night Champion 2.

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@Diablochicken14 said:
" I could go for some Psi Ops 2 action. "

@Mordukai said:

" Dude, if they announce a new Legacy of Kain game. I'll probably start crying.  "

And Advent Rising 2.  And Vagrant Story 2.
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Psychonauts 2 
Okami 2 
Viewtiful Joe 3 
Eternal Darkness 2 
Skies of Arcadia 2

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" Actually, I think a sequel to System Shock would do it. "
Didn't they do that 12 years ago?
Erm...I mean, yeah SS3 would be awesome. The ending just begs for a sequel. One which isn't Bioshock.
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"Lose your shirt" is a completely acceptable phrase to use and I will start using it in my day-to-day life.   
I would lose it if I heard about an Alan Wake or Mirror's Edge sequel.  No more speculation.  They just need to make them.

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Jet Set Radio Future. Shirt would be lost.

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Zone of the Enders 3 they need to  make a new one

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Psi-Ops 2 would make me so fucking happy.

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@Underachiever007 said:
" Psychonauts 2 Okami 2 Viewtiful Joe 3 Eternal Darkness 2 Skies of Arcadia 2 "
Eternal Darkness 2 and Skies of Arcadia 2 I agree with 100 % ED is the best gamecube game and SoA the best DC game IMO.
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@JA050N said:
" No One Lives Forever 3 or Republic Commando 2 "
I have been dying for a Republic Commando 2. Damn that cliffhanger ending!
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I was just reminded of a series I love dearly that I would shit my pants over.

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Halo 1: 2.
As for something a not crazy person would say, I don't know. Mirror's Edge 2 is not happening anytime soon. Other than that, I can't think of any games I've played that deserve a sequel and haven't gotten one. I've missed a lot of great games, I know.

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Too Human 2.  (Yes im one of the wierd people who liked Too Human)
Either that or System Shock 3.

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I'll throw my hat in with those that want another Tomba.  
Also, I would totally shit my shirt if Valve announce Half-Life 3 (or Episode 3). I realize they've made it no secret that they're working on a Half-Life game, but still, the moment they actually announce it: My shirt = shat. 

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When I read the thread title I immediately thought Brothers In Arms, but since you've already mentioned that one, I'll go with this:
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@xobballox said:

" I was just reminded of a series I love dearly that I would shit my pants over.  TENCHU. "

 Yeah dude, like a real-ass Tenchu game, not that kinda lame one that came out on the 360 a few years back. They can call it The Tenchu.
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@JA050N said:
" No One Lives Forever 3 or Republic Commando 2 "
No one lives forever gets my vote - they are 2 of the best shooters ever made. Also genuinely funny
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Kane & Lynch 3 - Lynchier Lycee Lo'down.

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Not like the series is dead or anything, but I would like a Valkyria Chronicles sequel for the PS3.

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@JA050N said:
" No One Lives Forever 3 "
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" Jet Set Radio Future. Shirt would be lost. "

That would be awesome! 
The only game announcement that would really make me shit my shirt is World of Warcraft II.  Eventually, Blizzard is going to need to rebuild the entire thing fresh from the ground up, but in the past that has led to the diffusion of an MMO franchise as a whole.  Everquest II, Asheron's Call II and Linage II never found the same success as their predecessors.  Worse yet, once players of the original game became dissatisfied with the sequel, they didn't migrate back to the original but instead tried other MMOs.  Many wound up in WOW.  A Warcraft sequel could face that same dilemma when the time eventually comes.  I find it hard to believe that Activision won't try to maintain WOW as a constant revenue stream for decades to come by allowing to the franchise to age to the point of obsolescence.  I know Blizzard has another MMO project in the works, but any new IP isn't going to bring in the same number to players that a known IP will.  That's why publishers like sequels.   
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Grim Fandango 2. My shirt would spontaneously combust (myself included)! Because... I do not want that to happen!
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LOOM 2. Shirt AND pants would be gone.
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Freedom Fighters 2 would make me shit my pants!
If we hear anything about Condemned 3 this year, I'd be super pumped too.