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Do you think anything will become of the Neo Geo X in terms of collectors items? It's already purposefully made for collectors, in a matter of speaking. But the opinion of that thing wasn't very hot by people. I own one and even I have very fixed feelings about it. What do you think?

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I am fairly unaware of the Neo Geo X, and I assume that most people are that way as well. I have a fond memory of the Neo Geo platform, but what little I have heard, the X's emulation is only so-so. What are the pro's and con's of the system? Why would I use that instead of building a MAME cabinet or just buying a joystick then emulating on my current PC?

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You said it yourself really. To be honest, the system seems to be carried only by the SNK name attached to it. I was very excited when I got it, but then... well, that excitement died away for me. I thought it would be a great, affordable way the play all these games, but the emulation and hardware isn't what I would call ideal. The handheld as well, doesn't feel it's worth close to the price it cost for the system.

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That's a shame. Aren't those things fucking expensive too?

I wonder how much it costs to build a MAME cabinet. Not that I'm that crazy (yet, anyway).

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I'm not really sure how much of a legacy an emulated portable machine can really have. I suppose it can be remembered for at least trying to give people who grew up in the '90s and couldn't afford a Neo Geo (like myself) a chance to at least feel like part of that scene at a budget price.

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None at all.

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If SEGA did this I'd be all over it. I have no personal connection with the Neo Geo brand so I could care less...

As a collectors item ... my guess it'll have some value down the line, but not much. As a percentage return on investment the Zelda themed Wii U will be worth a lot more much sooner IMHO. It's like a reprint of a comic book... people want that original not the re-release. Plus the console itself is like the stupid Retron thing ... if it's just emulation than forget it. You lose a little bit in emulators... especially with the music and sound effects.

Buy it if you love Neo Geo, avoid it if you want it to resell it at a later date.