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Dave mentioned that they would hand out the work of the mods to us users, they would do it in a way that if you for instance put a lot of time into the Uniracers game, they would make sure all submissions for anything related to Uniracers goes to you.

So what would you like to be the head of?

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Everything Phoenix Wright.

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Your mother.

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That wiki stuff is for crazy people, and I'm not crazy.

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Trials HD, Trials Evo and/or Mega Man X

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Not doing anything and taking advantage of the work of others for my own personal gain.

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Shining Force II.

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Causing and correcting spelling errors.

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Super Mario World, Diablo 2

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any game with a q in the title

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Fighting Games, Stealth Games, Cabela's Games, Games like LIMBO, FIFA.

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Starcraft 2 and their expansions, and perhaps Diablo 3 as well.

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Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 and Half-Life 1-2 and mods.

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Elder Scrolls lore.

My recent focus has been really bad PS2 games that no one cares about, but that's a pretty broad field.

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maybe the drakensang games. although TheDudeofGaming already did amazing work on The Dark Eye page.

Kinda want to do a build guide for river of time and fill in more of the story & history. plus write a page for the expansion. and a new game is coming ... this year?

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Anything Halo and Warcraft probably, I have to admit I probably know more about Call of Duty than I am comfortable about admitting.

Command & Conquer: Generals (and the new one) too.

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@Khann said:

Your mother.

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I've been cleaning up the Doom game page recently so probably Doom.

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Super Metroid, NCAA Football, NBA Jam, Metal Gear Solid, bunch of other random shit

Probably Shining Force as well, I still need to fix up all the articles of the games in the series though because they look god awful right now.

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reading them :)

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Paradox Interactive's games. I'm not an expert, but, by golly, I understand them!

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I don't mess with wiki stuff because I have no areas of expertise.

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Oh so much obscure shit.

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What criteria would they use to judge expertise?

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@Hailinel said:

What criteria would they use to judge expertise?

Your approximate level of expertness.

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Castlevania. I have probably accumulated more points in the series than anyone else.

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@Clonedzero said:

reading them :)

I was gonna say "searching them" but this is close enough to warrant a "beat me to it". 
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Snarky, belittling comments. Failing that I'd say Resident Evil but there's someone here who kicks my arse when it comes to Resi knowledge, I forget his name, Barry Burton avatar.

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Most everything I could add you has already been added. So most of my contributions are stuff nobody has played. My biggest contribution was creating the entire page for Sexy Beach Zero.

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I would love to take care of the World of Goo page.

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Noticing grammatical errors and typos and proceeding to do nothing about them. ... God, I hate trying to read the Comic Vine wiki.

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games no one's ever heard of

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Dragon Ball Z canon, but not necessarily DBZ games.