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Let's get some intellectual discussion going.

What would happen if one of the big three, in this case Sony, bought Call of Duty? How would the industry react?

It would be incredibly interesting to see if Sony would be able to skyrocket out of their current rut if this were to happen. The games have never sold bad, and it seems like they never will. There are some theories that assume sales will begin to decline in the coming years, but an IP like that could possibly put Sony millions of sales above Microsoft and Nintendo for the time being.

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Don't you basically answer your own question?

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I'm not really sure if Sony is in the financial position to be able to buy Call of Duty. Hell, I don't know if any of the big three have the cash on hand to make that kind of purchase.

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@liquidprince: I was clearly looking for other opinions, that is sort of the point of a discussion....

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They would make a Sony Bravia TV colored green. Guerilla Games would make a futuristic CoD title.. I dunno?

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@grimluck343: Has there been a number given for just how much it would cost? Honestly, I wouldn't be entirely surprised if CoD was worth more than SCEA.

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They wouldn't sell shit if they didn't market it. Of course, a Call of Duty game needs little marketing at this point.

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Activision are known for making billion dollar games, Sony are known for making billion dollar losses. It will never happen, even in your dreams.