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My workstation has been broken for some time now, and I started thinking, as one does, about Rock Band. Mainly on how there is a plethora of unexplored ideas for over-priced plastic instruments!

I recommend the noble "Pro-Triangle" and "Pro-12-Sting-Guitar"

What are your suggestions??

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Here's my plastic whiskey jug! Blow air over the top to match the beat of the song.

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Saxophone would rock, imagine the funk you could lay down with all those buttons

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heroin needle

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@toxeia: rock band hillbilly!

@devilzrule27: can it come with a plastic hooker too?

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A plastic tv to throw out of a hotel window.

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Accordion! Or a giant Harp

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Oboe, harp, penis.

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Give me some horns so I can play some ska.

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I was going to say violin, but that could actually work with a motion sensor bar thingy... it probably wouldn't be cheap, but it could be a thing that doesn't suck. Same with a theremin, if they could manage to make one not insanely difficult to play.

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WorstBest = Zamfir Panflute