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My scores: 
Halo CE 6 out of 10 
Halo 2 7 out of 10 
Halo 3 4 out of 10 
Halo Wars 1 out 10 
Halo 3 ODST 3 out of 10


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double post!  
the only halo games i've really played more than an hour are 3, ODST and CE so..  
CE 9 / 10  
3 7 / 10  
ODST 7 / 10  
your scores give me a strange feeling about this thread.. 

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I hate the smell of subtle fanboyism, always has a bitterness to it.
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You seem to have made the same post here the other day.
Why not just bump that if you wanted more discussion?

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CE - 9/10
2 - 8/10
3 - 7/10
Wars - 4/10
ODST - 7/10
Maybe this just reflects my diminishing fondness of the series as time passed. This is pretty much how I think of each game though.

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It would be simpler just to stick with one of the many anti-Halo posts that I'm sure exist somewhere on the site.

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@NekuSakuraba said:
" You seem to have made the same post here the other day.  Why not just bump that if you wanted more discussion? "
The same post? That seems like a drastically different post.  How many people use that account?
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Ok dude, you changed your avatar to something else and thought people wouldn't notice you're the dude who posted this SAME thread yesterday, but now you're giving the series bad scores, when you just gave them good scores.  Looks like flame bait to me.
@Caboose48 said:


My thoughts: 
Halo Combat Evolved: 5 Stars

Love it, love it, love it! I don’t care what any hater says because almost everything about the game is fantastic.  The only bad thing I can say about it is The Library and the repetitive level design, then again F.E.A.R. was just as bad if not worse than Halo in that department so I guess it doesn’t affect the game THAT much. It’s a classic despite what the haters believe.   

Halo 2: 3 Stars

They took everything from the original and watered it down. The weapons were unbalance, the melee lunge is cheap, the story was f*#@ed up beyond redemption, the ending, the hit boxes are TOO big, and the campaign isn’t nearly as epic as the original. The game is fun but it’s the rushed and the least polished game in the series.   

Halo 3: 4 Stars

Better than Halo 2 in almost every way, the weapons are balanced this time and the hit box size just right, unfortunately the melee lunge attack was still intact. The campaign was just as epic as the original, but it was too short and the storyline was pretty formulaic. The multiplayer is a blast, it's easily one of the most competitive and balance multi-player experiances on the consoles. I didn’t live up to the hype, but what game does because what matters if the game was good or not and Halo 3 is a good game…. Despite what haters think. :P  

Halo 3 ODST: 4 Stars

A refreshing change of pace to play as an ODST instead of a Spartan, they play differently and allows for more tactical gameplay. It has the best single-player and story since the original. Not to mention that fire fight is freaking awesome. It’s just a shame M$ overpriced a short expansion pack for $60. :(  

Halo Wars Never played it

Real-time strategy games for consoles have never interested me, I might check it out one day since it’s Ensemble Studio’s last game.  


CE: 5/5
Halo 2: 4/5
Halo 3: 4/5
Halo Wars: Didn't play it.
ODST: 4/5 (It's close between 3 and 4, I liked the campaign a lot, and the firefight mode, but I had everything the multiplayer had to offer other than three maps...)
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CE 9
2- 8
3 - 7.5
ODST - 7 short with no new multiplayer.
Wars didn't play it.

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Hm, these scores seem so familiar from months past.

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CE = 9.0 
2 = 4.0
3 = 3.0 
Never played Wars or ODST. 
I don't know, CE will always have a special place in my heart. That game was quirky and had a bit of everything. Loved the first time i ran into the flood and the build-up getting there. Made me question "Am i still playing Halo?" ... in a good way!
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Halo Combat Evolved: 10/10
Halo 2: 9/10
Halo 3: 10/10
Halo Wars: Never played
Halo 3 ODST: 8/10

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I'm pretty sure this thread has already been done to death. Random new user posts something not so subtly anti-halo, tools of the message boards react by bashing (or defending) halo for 5 pages (except for CE which is appearently wayyy better despite having terrible level design and no weapon balance). Let's just drop it before it starts, ok?

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Howcome there is always a "Rate the Halo games" thread every week?

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Halo CE: 8 
Halo 2: 8 
Halo 3: 9 
Halo Wars: 8 
Halo ODST: 8.5 
Seriously. It's not like they're bad games. But I have gotten the most joy out of Halo 3 and Halo ODST.

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This seems like a very poor thread indeed.  Posting your scores as the OP and nothing else is just lame.  So in the the spirit of that lameness: 
(Out of 10) 
Halo  -  3 
Halo 2  -  3 
Halo 3  -  3 
Halo Wars  - 7 
I am done with Halo.  I tried it 3 times and got progressively more bored each time.  I don't "get it".

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I don't know what is going on here, but I have a feeling the result is going to be someone getting banned.

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