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I'm looking for some interesting/unique cool blogs to read from y'all GB duders. Daily blogs about games you're playing; interesting posts about video games in general, or the industry; posts about games you are working on/building; etc. Let me know if you have a blog I should be following.

Similarly, what am I supposed to blog about on Giant Bomb? I keep a game journal of my own. I usually write about my reactions to games I'm playing, but this isn't an edited/focused kind of writing. Are people interested in this, or should blogs be more deliberate, planned and thought out? I have 5 blog posts of my own, but I'd like to contribute more. What kinds of blog posts would you like to read about?

Also blogs.

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I posted my thoughts on the games I played last week yesterday.

EDIT: All right, I'll be honest - the only two blogs I've ever had a ton of comments on are ones about things I thought should change in the industry. They're in that link if you scroll down, one is about Bulletstorm and the other is about Just Cause 2.

Posting your thoughts about the games you've been playing won't net you a ton of views unless you happen to be @video_game_king. And even he doesn't always get a decent number of comments.

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@believer258: My latest blog isn't getting a ton of response (only two of them, in fact), but I'm partially chalking that up to the new site. I'm kind of upset that @yummylee hasn't commented on it yet, because I think he'd have a lot to say on the subject.

And yeah, VGK has a pretty decent cult following, myself being among them...

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I am completely random in the angles of my blogs, it's usually me sitting down and venting something about something. Sometimes structured and other times more free thought rambling. Though generally I do hope it can create discussion, but sometimes it's probably just me entertaining myself.

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I blog about fighting games, specifically upcoming tournaments and their streams, as well as general fighting games news and the fighting game community goings-on.

My advice is to find something unique, your own niche on the site. Many people do general blogs about the hot new game that just released and don't usually get a following in return.

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I did not edit in my message, it should have been fine. I seem to be A-OK with getting stuff in my inbox.

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That message didn't show up, either. The hell's going on?

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I'd suggest you not worry too much about views or comments, either. Do it because you have something you want to talk about, if other people want to talk about that too, they will.

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Thanks. Since I'm already keeping a game journal, I might try adapting that into a frequent blog.

I wonder if anyone would like to give me a topic to get started.

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I highly recommend following VIdeo_Game_King if you're looking for user blogs. I also blog, too, on a bi-weekly to monthly basis, I guess.

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Personally, I'd like to see a blog that covers either of these oft-overlooked topics:

  • Flash games, because there's got to be something between Patrick's indie stuff and Dan McNeely.
  • ROM hacks. I know what you're thinking, and no, there's more to this than the Mario shit. Did you know that there's something called Genealogy of Touhou? Somebody needs to tell me what the fuck that's all about.
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I write about something going on in my life thus far. I need to start socializing on this site read other people's blogs. So this is kind of helpful for me in general to find others to read.

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I've written quite a lot of blogs on the site but my productivity fell off some time back. I'm contributing to something a few of us are working on right now called Dialogue Options though, and I like a lot of the work the other guys have done on that so far. I'm generally more interested on blogs on general topics in games, or ones that have something individual to say, rather than more run-of-the-mill stuff about personal experiences and well-known games.

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NOTHING. Well I do blog randomly, but I usually end up deleting it. Just because, they're just random thoughts I type down.