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It looked fun 2 years ago but I haven't heard anything since.

And graphics look terrible by today's standards.

Is it even still in production?


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Bio Mechanical AI

What a joke. It's just a fancy term for rag doll physics.

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Vaporware I assume.

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I'd swear I read somewhere in the last week or two that they were thinking of making it (or something like it) just for portables instead of PS3/360.

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I think it was canceled. :(

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I thought I remembered hearing a while ago that they were going to completely start over development with a new game and engine, but I would guess that it's most likely canceled.

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they probably turned it into lego indy, lol

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With such an untapped potential from this movie franchise to have a great game counterpart, I see it as only being a matter of time that a Indy game is made for consoles.