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Pretty self-explanatory.

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ALX, closest to Alex.

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SIM. The first three letters of my name.

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MKL: my initials, or AUD: something left over from my very early days online.

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Either my initials or LNZ

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ORB, my initials.

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AAA, because, fuck the police that's why

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My initials are JAM and that's what I normally used but once NBA JAM came out, I started seeing more "JAM"s in the hi-score lists. After that I switched to HOZ since most people in school called me that anyway.

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My initials: DRH. I always hope people think the first two letters stand for Doctor though, so that people will think I am super smart.

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ALI... I have a reason for it, but it's a secret.

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DMC as they are my initials. 

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CJV Represent

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EMA, my initials

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Either JLY (my initials), or, since I'm lazy and L and Y aren't anywhere near close to each other, TFP.

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I have four initials, so I am fucked.

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LRN, it's both my initials and it kinda looks like 'Learn'

So I could use it badly in a sentence as "I'm gunna learn you some pac-man son!"

...but i'm not that much of an asshole... just.

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Or SPM, my initials.

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I usually just jiggle the stick back and forth and hit the buttons. My scores are off the grid.

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ACE or BAD, because its quite as hell to do, and its better than AAA

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When I was a kid I would write MVP

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