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Metal Slug

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One word. "Options"

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50/50 split, nice.


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It's all a matter of preference. Personally, I like Gradius a bit more due to its slightly lower difficulty curve and unusual level design. Gradius III was gorgeous for its time and made some nice use of the SNES hardware. R-Type has more for the purist, however, and due to the sheer tenacity of its brand it's natural for it to have a stronger following. There's no such thing as Gradius Command but by the same token R-Type lacks a spin-off series rife with penguins. They're both solid and worthwhile space-shippy-shooty series.

Also, Darius. Here there be space fish.

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@rebgav said:

Gradius is "better" but R-Type is better.

I think you nailed it.

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i found them both underwhelming. i was disappointed by how boring and bland they were

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I'm more of a 1942 man.

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I'm more of a 1942 man.

Best vertical scrolling shooter ever.
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This thread may need some Otomedius pictures.

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Gradius but I have fond memories of both games.

I remember I could only beat the original R-Type on the SMS by using the code that made your ship indestructible, that was a tough game.