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I've been playing a lot of Wayward Souls and Hoplite lately. Any other games you guys care to recommend?

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Battleheart and Battleheart Legacy. FTL.

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@zelyre: @chiablo: Alright, I'll check out this Battleheart thing.

Kinda wish more people had responded to this thread.

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The Infinity Blade games are cool. If you somehow haven't played Bastion yet do that.

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@corruptedevil: Good call, but yeah, played Infinity Blade 1 a whole bunch, and I actually have IF 2 on my phone but haven't felt the urge to start playing it.

And yeah, S-ranked the hell out of Bastion on the PC already.

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Pinball Arcade, SpellTower and Record Run are all fun time-wasters.

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I mostly play Threes, Ascension, and Star Command these days. Record Run and Device 6 are pretty good too.

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Hitman Go is pretty fun and a perfect fit for the iPad

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Hitman Go is quite nice!

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Marvel Puzzle Quest is a pretty fun game, don't let the F2P trappings put you off, you really don't need to pay any money to be competitive.

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KOTOR's always a good time, even with touch controls.

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There's is the best game for iPhone out right. Now. Hitman go for ipad is great. Pinball arcade as well.

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Three's, Hitman GO, and Monument Valley are all great and any of Simogo's games are worth checking out if you haven't already. If you're into puzzle games give Blek a shot. Blek has a terrible name but the gameplay is super interesting and is a natural fit for a touch screen.