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I'd rather have a few good experiences and play games to the finish than jump from game to game without seeing the whole thing.

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Which usually equates to A for me.

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I play very few games and some it may take me ages to beat. I just play whatever I am in the mood for at the time. I think people buy too many games these days, when you are more selective you dont much care if a game is PERFECT as long as its fun.

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I`ll only beat a game if I`m enjoying it. Hopefully all the games I play I will beat, however that is not the case. I`d rather play less games of a higher quility then a bunch of less quality games. Look at the GB staff, they play dozens of games over the course of a year but how many of those make a lasting impression. So I picked the second option.

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I'm definitely one of those people that loves to beat games, but generally moves from game to game to quickly too actually do so. It's not so much that I don't want to finish them (and tell myself time and time again I'm gonna go back and finish it), but I'm just the type of person that is always trying to see the next thing. On the flipside though, occasionally I come across a game where I just can't do anything but play that game until it's done.

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Beating games if I am enjoying them. If not, then I'll move on. I'd rather not suffer through a shitty game.

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With bonus points for replayabilty.

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i tend to not beat many games unless they're short or they are fun enough to keep my attention. so i try to play as many games that i want to play as possible and usually only focus on one once i really get into it. then again, i don't have much money these days so i tend to focus on games more out of necessity lol.

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Neither. What's important to me is if I enjoy playing the game or not. And if I do, I'll obviously finish it.

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I don't have time to finish all the games I play. I will finish the best ones though.

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I just play whatever I feel like. Sometimes I see the end of a game, but it is never my goal.

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I tend to play one or two games at the same time, and move on to another one when I've beaten what I'm playing. I'd much rather have a huge backlog (which I have, actually) than start multiple games and never finish any.

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I guess mine technically falls under play as many as I can, but it's really just play as many games as I'm interested in. I beat most games I play but I'm perfectly OK with stopping before I reach the end if I'm not having as much fun as I thought I would. I will probably never beat Stacking, Gears 3, Comic Jumper, Uncharted 3, Limbo, or Halo Reach, but I'm glad I was able to experience them.

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I'm generally too obsessive to not finish a game I start, and I'd rather play and finish a smaller number of good games than just play a ton of games that range from great to awful, so I voted B.

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I'm just the type of person that is always trying to see the next thing.

This is 100% me, this year I'm forcing myself to hold back and play games I already own before i go out and buy more.

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Yup. I play a game till it stops being fun. If that means for hundreds of hours and multiple times through like the original Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Borderlands? Then cool. If it means once through the short ass campaign of a CoD game? I'll do that too. If it means for about an hour in the demo, that's sometimes enough for me.

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Oh my, I made the poll results 50%......  Personally I like beating all of my games

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Finishing a game isn't important to me. If a game is fun, I'll finish it eventually (hopefully), but I get distracted easily and change my mood just as quickly, so I tend to jump from game to game. That doesn't bother me since I get to experience a variety of games. It's like going to the Chinese buffet versus the steakhouse. Eat at the latter, you're going to get steak and plenty of it, while the buffet will offer a lot of different choices and you choose how much to take of each.

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Entertaining my obsessive-compulsive desire to finish things even though I tend to be easily distracted. Not a good combination.

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I approach every new game with the expectation that I will finish it. Sometimes a game cannot hold my interest (or I've burned myself out on it), so I put it back on the shelf, so to speak, and return to it later, again, with the goal of finishing it. I would not sell a game I had not yet played through, even if that game was Scarface: the World is Yours, which it totally is.

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Playing the most memorable games possible, even if I never beat them. I'd rather play 3 excellent games vs 10 great games.

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Beating them? I don't like it when I don't finish games.

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Most games are so short now that it is usually worth it to see the whole game through. If I am not enjoying a game and see that I am close to the end, might as well beat it and get the achievement points and satisfaction of beating it.

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Most games aren't really worth beating as far as I see it. I tend to play a bit of everything and move on if it doesn't hold my attention.

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It kills me to leave a game unfinished unless it's something that I hated and have no desire to play any more, and even then I get these odd pangs to go back and beat it some day. I always feel like the game beat me by not finishing it, and by finishing it I can give it a big fuck you! I played you and now I will never look at you again!

With as little free time that I have these days I just can't get motivated to even start games let alone finish them any more.

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Neither of those things are important to me.

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I only play games that i know i will enjoy because i don't want to waste what time i have on a bad game.

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How anybody could play a game and not finish it is beyond me. You gotta see it through to the end, man.

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These days for me being part of the discussion and talking game theory and such is where I derive the most enjoyment from video games. Aside from that, I often have a pretty niche taste when it comes to games I really, really enjoy.

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Depends on what im playing and how many times ive beat it, yesterday i started and beat metroid fusion in 2:45 with 44% of the items. but if you mean something that I just got (say darksiders 2) i would play it for fun and take my time.

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But A is more important to me than B.

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I was born from darkness. For me if I didn't beat a game that's a bad thing. Because it means I lost interest in playing the game, and lost hope in finishing it. If I don't reach the light at the end of the tunnel. Then I have giving up and failed.

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I try to play as many games as I can, but I also try to beat every game that I start. 

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I play games that interest me and usually finish them.

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Play it until I stop having fun. For some games, that means I only play it for a couple days and then return it to the rental store early. For others like a Viewtiful Joe or a Castlevania: SotN, I'll probably play through it every year until the day I stop caring about them, which could possibly be never.

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I definitely start my fair share of games I know I'm not going to beat but that's usually trumped by the amount of games I actually do beat. Whenever I beat a game I don't instantly start a new one, I usually just don't play anything or play multiplayer games to pass the time until I find a new game to interest me.

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"As many as you can" doesn't even apply to me. I play games that I like, and if I play a whole lot or only a few as a result then it doesn't matter to me either way.

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I vote beat but only because if I'm enjoying a game like Deus ex or Max Payne I cant jump between games unless its stuff like Fifa or CoD MP. I play games for fun just not a lot all at once.

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I guess I'd say beating as many games as possible. I hate having a massive backlog and if I'm going to beat the game it's probably worth doing anyway.

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playing. I love finishing a game, but sometimes I just need to move on to something else.

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I don't usually play games unless they're the kind that has an ending, and I don't like leaving things unfinished. Honestly if you're not going to complete something I don't see the point in even starting it.

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Beating them for sure, though I do play tons I never beat. Beating them generally means I enjoyed them more though.

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What's important to me is playing the games I enjoy. The amount I play or beat is largely meaningless.

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beat a game whenever i can.