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For me it would be PS1. So many great RPGs and the start of the Metal Gear Solid series would have been great to experience when it first came out in my opinion. Instead I had an N64 which was equally amazing but man I wish I had a PS1 back in the day. 

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Sega Genesis.

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I wish I would've been around during the SNES era but I was a tiny little dude.

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@RE_Player92: I'm in the same boat. Never owned the original PlayStation. 
Other than that, I might have liked to own a Dreamcast. Some interesting stuff there. Still wondering it SEGA would ever consider making another console...
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the original xbox

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Dreamcast, I put off buying it thinking it would be out for at least another year lol.

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Sega Saturn

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@AjayRaz said:
" the original xbox "
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I had a NeoGeo AES in the 90's.
I think I'm fine :)

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Dreamcast. For as short lived as it was some really great games did come out on it. 

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I always wanted a Saturn when I was younger.

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Super Nintendo - just didn't have the chance to play it much as a kid and wasn't in control of purchases.

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I think having a Sega Saturn would have been awesome. Importing games for shitty system seems oddly appealing. 

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Really...nothing I've had an NES, SNES,  had one of the Sega consoles at some point, N64, PS1, Xbox, XBox 360, PS3 everything before the NES era while nostalgic did not age well at all I feel like I've had one of the best gaming journeys just because of my starting point. Yes I skipped the PS2 and Gamecube but I have gone back and played all the fantastic games I missed except for a few PS2 gems.

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Ummm... any of the good ones? I'm PC only guy :(

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dreamcast for sure. I still need to get jet set radio for xbox to fill those childhood nostalgic desires. The only real experience I got to have for dream cast would be those hour play sessions at the local target :P tons of soul calibur, looked amazing, and a few minutes of jet set radio when I got the chance but theyd hardly put it in. 
oh and the once a month when the local after school group would rent one to play. Hydro thunder was amazing on that thing. Loved to play ready 2 rumble as well

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Umm... I'm good. Got all the ones I wanted during their time. Except maybe the Dreamcast, but I don't regret never having it.

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I should have been in that era but I soldiered on with a NES and my parents PC.

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@Skytylz said:
" I wish I would've been around during the SNES era but I was a tiny little dude. "  
This.  Despite not growing up with it, I am in accordance with Brad as to it being the best console ever.  
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Sega Saturn. Loved my Genesis and Dreamcast but skipped over the Saturn for a PSX and N64. To this day, you can still hear me cry at night because I never played Shining Force 3.

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Would have loved to grow up with the NES.

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i would say maybe the xbox 1. all i can really think of is halo 1 and 2 for the games. i think there are more i just can't think of them.

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The Super Nintendo. So many awesome games I missed out on. I was alive during the time, but we only had an NES and a Genesis.

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Dreamcast. I am still desperately curious about Shenmue.

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Anything from Sega, though the Dreamcast is probably THE one that I wish I had. 
I also crave hits from an Atari Lynx occasionally...

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My first game system was during the 16-bit era. I knew I wanted a game system, but didn't really know the differences between a Genesis / SNES. My parents went to a Best Buy and they talked them into a Genesis.
Granted, the Genesis is a fucking awesome console, and I had a lot of great memories on it, but I can't help but feel a bit deprived of what is arguably the best system ever.

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dreamcast for me was happy with what i had and never bought it and they they stoped production

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I wish I played more good Dreamcast games. I bought one near the end of its life (for $70, no less), and proceeded to play the Sonic Adventure games.  
And that was pretty much it, until I picked up a used copy of Shenmue a few years later.  
But in retrospect, I really wish I had bought some stuff like Chu Chu Rocket, Power Stone (1 & 2), Typing of the Dead, or even Seaman. Those game were crazy. Games like that aren't made anymore (well, there's still stuff kinda like Power Stone, but that's beside the point). 

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 I had a NES, SNES, Gameboy, Genesis, N64, PS1, and PS2 growing up.  I missed most of  the life span of the original xbox since I didn't ended up buying one until halo 2 came out. 
However,  Dreamcast was the only system I really feel I missed out on.

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I've had all of them during all of their life spans
It's pretty easy all you have to do is be "old"

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 Neo Geo

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Wouldn't have minded having a SNES during its lifespan. Or a Dreamcast for that matter.

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ps3 :(

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A gaming PC prior to 2004.

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The 2600. 
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I have had them all. I wish I had more money and a way to find all the old SNES games back when they were coming out though.

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i wanted a gamegear until i got then i thought it was lame  i would have loved to have a neogeo and metal slug  

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I kind of wish I had a PS2 for more of it's lifespan. I didn't get one until way later in it's lifespan because I really wasn't into games so there's a lot of stuff I haven't gotten around to. 

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I got an N64 for Christmas...IN 2001! 
It was my brother's fault. We had the choice between a GCN or an N64 and some other stuff. Despite the fact that I now own 3 Gamecubes and many things besides, I still resent that little bastard for insisting on the N64.
The point is that I had an SNES until 2001, and an N64 until 2003 or so. I would really like those numbers to be adjusted to their appropriate positions.

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I fell head-over-heels for the Nintendo 64 which would have meant that I would have died and gone to heaven with the SNES.    

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Nintendo Entertainment System. Grew up with the system, did not grow up in the generation.

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I wish I had any system that came out either around the PS1, or before.