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#1 Posted by bearcat (55 posts) -

What do you think is the best war film of all time?

#2 Posted by SpaceDandie (257 posts) -

Band of Brothers, no question.

#3 Posted by Meteora (5790 posts) -

Saving Private Ryan is up there too. 
I personally like Black Hawk Down though.

#4 Posted by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -

Starship Troopers.

#5 Posted by Beechbone (107 posts) -

For me it's always and without hesitation Stanley Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket". I also adore such masterpieces as "Apocalypse Now" and "Thin Red Line".

#6 Posted by Linkin10362 (591 posts) -

I always liked Full Metal Jacket, but Saving Private Ryan is a little higher in my book.

#7 Posted by Jonda (28 posts) -
@MrStool said:
" Band of Brothers, no question. "
#8 Posted by Skytylz (4046 posts) -
@Jonda said:
" @MrStool said:
" Band of Brothers, no question. "
That's not really a movie.
I'd say Saving Private Ryan too.
#9 Edited by Scooper (7881 posts) -

Das Boot.
Edit: Oh yeah and Rambo: First Blood. That's really a 1 man war film.

#10 Posted by ArchScabby (5809 posts) -

Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers are really good, but I think I'm gonna have to go with Black Hawk down because once the action starts it doesn't stop for the rest of the movie.  It's just war the  entire time.

#11 Posted by Landon (4164 posts) -

Private Ryan is overrated. Return of the King is the best war film.

#12 Posted by CaptainTightPants (2834 posts) -

Saving Private Ryan, i have seen that movie about what 5 times now. I reckon it could use another watch now to.

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#14 Posted by AhmadMetallic (18954 posts) -

we are sick of answering this question

#15 Posted by feDaykin7 (11 posts) -

Das Boot ... and Rambo II ;)

#16 Edited by EpicSteve (6501 posts) -

Black Hawk Down, We Were Soldiers, and Saving Private Ryan are the best ones out there. My favorite is probably Black Hawk Down though. I prefer war movies that are true stories.

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#18 Posted by csl316 (10004 posts) -

I was a fan of The Dirty Dozen, and Enemy at the Gates for some reason

#19 Posted by FireBurger (1480 posts) -

Any period: Braveheart
Modern: Black Hawk Down 
If you count TV shows: Band of Brothers hands down.

#20 Posted by TheSeductiveMoose (3625 posts) -

Das Boot

#21 Posted by Hockeymask27 (3683 posts) -
@Skytylz said:
" @Jonda said:
" @MrStool said:
" Band of Brothers, no question. "
That's not really a movie.  I'd say Saving Private Ryan too. "
the above is all true for me.
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#23 Posted by IchiroYagiza (442 posts) -

Saving Private Ryan or Full Metal Jacket.
#24 Posted by Stupot (176 posts) -

Its close between Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan, although Star Wars is good right? Thats got war in it....

#25 Posted by TwoOneFive (9459 posts) -
@MrStool said:
" Band of Brothers, no question. "
thats a show.  
theres always one dude who doesnt care and says that anyways but really it doesn't count. its an entire series and is completely unfair to go up against movies that last only 2-4 hours long. 
#26 Posted by Empirepaintball (1398 posts) -
@MrStool said:
"Band of Brothers, no question. "

Hell yeah, hands down.
#27 Posted by PATERSON (246 posts) -

Braveheart is a favourite, but I especially liked Inglorious Bastards.

#28 Posted by BraveToaster (12588 posts) -

The Patriot

#29 Posted by Sadisticham (278 posts) -
Smaller budget than a movie though. Swings n roundabouts and all that. Well at least I'd imagine it was smaller. :P
But yes band of brothers is the best. Even if it's not a film it's better than any war film out there IMO. 
 inglorious basterds wasn't to bad. Rubbish ending. Certainly isn't the best though. Going to have to be boring and say private ryan.
#30 Posted by eatalargefrog (40 posts) -

Full Metal Jacket  
 What is your major malfunction numbnuts?    

#31 Posted by Slurpelve (623 posts) -

 Black Hawk Down

#32 Posted by SpaceDandie (257 posts) -
@TwoOneFive said:
" @MrStool said:
" Band of Brothers, no question. "
thats a show.  theres always one dude who doesnt care and says that anyways but really it doesn't count. its an entire series and is completely unfair to go up against movies that last only 2-4 hours long.  "
I see it more as a series of films with different directors and writers for each part, but if you want to be that way, Band of Brothers: Part 6 - Bastogne. It still blows away the competition on its own.
#33 Posted by RTSlord (1202 posts) -

blackhawk down, no question

#34 Posted by MysteriousBob (6272 posts) -
@HandsomeDead said:
" Starship Troopers. "
Damn right it is.
#35 Edited by buzz_killington (3532 posts) -

In terms of massive set pieces and fights, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.
In terms of subject matter, Sam Mendes' Jarhead.

#36 Posted by HitmanAgent47 (8575 posts) -

Saving private ryan. Then again I haven't seen every other war film out there, yet saving private ryan is realistic.

#37 Posted by FengShuiGod (1492 posts) -

Apocalypse Now. 
The Thin Red Line, Saving Private Ryan, and Platoon are also great.
I don't think Full Metal Jacket is that great. I thought the first half was ok, but the second half just crumbles apart into disjointed encounters in bad set pieces.

#38 Posted by XxBarretxX (307 posts) -

Never saw band of brothers or blackhawd down but SPR is overrated imo. Between Full Metal Jacket and We Were Soldiers for me

#39 Posted by kalmis (1549 posts) -
#40 Posted by Adziboy (702 posts) -

Band of Brothers. 
Hands down. 
I dont fucking care if its not a war film.
#41 Posted by SilentCommando (579 posts) -

Letters from Iwo Jima.

#42 Posted by EvolutionX0 (413 posts) -
Black Hawk Down for me.
#43 Posted by xaLieNxGrEyx (2605 posts) -

Jacob's Ladder.
#44 Posted by Frozen_Ice (48 posts) -

If you call Band of Brothers a movie, then that. If not, Saving Private Ryan. 
I really need to watch Blackhawk Down...

#45 Posted by Roger778 (960 posts) -

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  
Braveheart would be #2.
#46 Posted by Bionicicide (1213 posts) -

Saving Private Ryan. Also my favorite movie, period.

#47 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (6572 posts) -

Hard to pick between Dirty Dozen and Saving Private Ryan.  A Bridge Too Far was also excellent, as was Patton.

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#48 Posted by MKSKILLZ16 (130 posts) -
@HandsomeDead said:
" Starship Troopers. "
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Brand o' Butters.

#50 Posted by firewrkninja (228 posts) -

no love for forest gump?