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For me it's going to be Dead Space 2, can't buy as many games as I used to but this definitely makes the must buy list for me.

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Catherine probably, comes out in Feb.  

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Dead Space 2

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Probably Pokemon Black.

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Good question. It will probably be a year old game for cheap. And in terms of new games, probably Dragon age 2 in march.

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, can't wait!!!

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Probably Enslaved. It's at a reasonable price right now.

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probably dead space 2 if i get around to beating dead space 1 first! :)

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We'll see once the Steam sales are up D:

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All the games from last year (well may be just the good games). Went a whole without buying a new game.

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I'm not sure really, probably Crysis 2 for PC.... Maybe killzone 3 just depends on which is coming out first hah

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Well I already pre-ordered the collector's editions of both LittleBigPlanet 2 and Dead Space 2, so I guess it would be whichever one of those comes out first.  I think it's LBP2.
Of course Steam's holiday sales are the wild card in this situation.

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@Subject2Change said:
" Dead Space 2 "
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Dragon Age 2 if you mean 2011 releases.  Probably Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood if you mean any game regardless of when it came out.

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@Addfwyn said:
" Catherine probably, comes out in Feb.   "
oh wow?
never knew that, 
im quite pumped
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Nier. But I'm not sure if I should or not. Reviews are not too positive.

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@ShadowMountain: I really enjoyed Nier, I'd recommend it, especially if you can get it on sale.   
@Sayishere: Yeah, dunno about a release in other countries yet, only announce for here so far.
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Just bought Borderlands GotYE fifteen minuets ago.

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Whatever might be on sale on steam today.

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@TheSilentTruth said:
" Just bought Borderlands GotYE fifteen minuets ago. "
Now that's a fine way to start up the new year.
For me it'll be whatever is cheap on steam in about a half hour or so....maybe.
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Bulletstorm probably.

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Demon's Souls.

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LittleBigPlanet 2.

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Probably Limbo. Still gotta get that.

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Turns out it's Red Dead Redemption (PS3), and in a few hours. Found a guy selling it for $25 on a local trading site and he is even delivering it to my door! Best start to a year in a long time. 
Also, the last day of the Steam sale starts today so I'm hoping for something big to ring in the new year. Sounds like something Valve would do.

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@Afroman269 said:
" Whatever might be on sale on steam today. "
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Dead Space 2. Can't wait!

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Nothing anytime soon.  I have quite enough to play thanks to Steam's Thanksgiving and Christmas sales.   
Maybe Dragon Age II.   
(Atlus) doesn't have a North America release date to my knowledge meaning you better speak Japanese if you want to play it.  There will be a demo via PS3's PSN-Japan before the release I hear.  

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I'll probably end up getting Darksiders, I'm very interesteed in it but when I went to Target it was $40 still and I don't want to spend that much.  I'll try and get it for $20 new, throw em some support.

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Killzone 3 in late February unless the Team Ico collection is released before that.

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Mass Effect 2 for the ps3.
However, I might pick up Darkstalkers through Amazon today or tomorrow.

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Amazon has the console versions for 15 bucks free shipping. 
I preordered Portal 2 already, so that is the first 2011 game I bought.
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@Skytylz said:
" I'll probably end up getting Darksiders, I'm very interesteed in it but when I went to Target it was $40 still and I don't want to spend that much.  I'll try and get it for $20 new, throw em some support. "
It's on Amazon for 15. As well as they are having a buy one get one 50% off sale on a select stock. And I believe that Darksiders is part of it.
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Apparently it was Bayonetta. 10 dollars plus shipping deal from TOYSRUS.

#35 Posted by Skytylz (4067 posts) -
@Subject2Change: I'll have to check that out, thanks!
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I bought TF2 on the Steam sale this morning.

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@Addfwyn:  Its £8.99 on amazon now (around $16). No one has fully convinced me yet though. I didn't like Drakengard at all (previous series the devs made) and the graphics don't inspire confidence. However I have played game with terrible graphics/technical problems (Ar Tonelico 2 looks like a piece of crap but hell I love those characters, music and the combat system so I just rolled with it) and liked them. Its a story driven game right? Thats my type of game but boring/tedious gameplay put me off even really good stories in game (didn't like Deadly premotion so I just watched the rest of the plot on youtube since I couldn't stand playing it myself anymore and the same with slower turn based jrpgs like Dragon Quest and Chrono cross since the combat is so slow it kills any interest in the story I may have).
I suppose what I am asking is: is the story strong enough to not get killed by the combat and tedius fetch quests (a common complaint in reviews I've read)?
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ummm, brutal legend i think

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For the love of GOD, can someone please tell me what's being released in January/Q1? I know I was attempting to save for something, but I can't remember what. 
Edit: Also, the first game I bought was the Stalker Pack, followed by a lot more.

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@ShadowMountain: Well, it may not be for you then.  Slower JRPGs with strong stories (Like Chrono Cross) are some of my favourite games, so I have a much higher tolerance for repetition and tedium if the story is good.  In fact I can like games with okayish gameplay that have top-notch stories (Xenogears) because the stories just carry it for me.  I personally didn't find Nier too repetitive, and was pretty well produced and enjoyable.  It's a bit different for a Japanese game though.  Presentation-wise it looks fine, but there is some repetition yeah. 
On the other hand, for that much money, it's not a bad risk either.  I'd say it's well worth that much.
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I'll tell you in about 10 minutes when today's steam sales update, but If there is nothing that takes my fancy I was thinking about ordering NFS Hot Pursuit from Amazon.

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I have a small list off games I didn't get 2010 so these are some of the games i'm planning to buy as soon as I get home from my vacation: 
- Assassins Creed: Brotherhood 
- Bayonetta 
- Darksiders 
- Yakuza 3(I did buy this game, but what I didn't know was that it was used, my save got fucked up after awhile cause the game just got stuck after during act 3 I think, fortunaly for me I got to return it) 
- Just Cause 2(Maybe) 
- NBA2K11 
So this is my list, I guess i'm going to buy the some of the "older" games first since their cheaper, so I guess that means Bayonetta and Darksiders.

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Dead Space 2 unless there is something i want on steam today. Happy  01.01.11!
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@Addfwyn:   Ah ok. I hated Xenogears too btw lol. Its like I'm on the opposite end of the Jrpg spectrum to you lol.  How about this: I love Final Fantasy VIII (loved the story and combat system - crazy I know right?), Final Fantasy IX (its near flawless), Final Fantasy XII (bland characters and story but it does something so new it pains me that most fans just complained at innovation and something new) and I can appreciate FF XIII. How does that compare?
 Grimoire Wiess is making me consider Nier though since talking books are awesome and the rest of the voice work seems top notch (mostly this gen I've been praying for characters to shut and and let me just read text in silence - seen the voice work in Arc Rise Fantasia? It so bad its almost good. Almost). Might give it a go then.
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@BeachThunder said:
" We'll see once the Steam sales are up D: "
This. I'll get back to you in 2 minutes.
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Dragon Age 2 then Dawn of War 2: Retribution...

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@ShadowMountain: FFVIII was my favourite one (loved the characters), FFIX my least favourite (hated Zidane), really disliked FFXII (terribly bland characters), really enjoyed FFXIII.   Characters seems to be the biggest influence to me, and Nier isn't terrible in that regard.  Unique motivation and characters that are a bit different than the typical you may see.
The voice work is pretty well done, I agree.  There's no real problems in overall production values of the game I feel, unless you just don't like the graphical style.  
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DC Universe Online

#49 Posted by NorseDudeTR (461 posts) -
Might be Need for speed: hot pursuit. Looks great, and all the games media types seem to love it. I'm a bit hesitant, since it's got EA's special online logon thing, which screwed me out of playing Burnout Paradise online, but I hope that was a freak accident. Oh, and ipad games don't count.
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Anyone else getting DC Universe Online?