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Im wondering.

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didnt they get it free

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yea and they stuck a mask on it, its in one of the how to build a bomb videos i belive

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In the beggining, there was nothing.
God said "ARRRRRIBAAAAAA!!" and there was Luchadeer.

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Best mascot ever.

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Jeff: "Hmm... I got this luchador mask and a trophy deer head..."

*5 Minutes later*


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It's a long and complicated story I plan to explain in my Giantbomb/Luchadeer fanfic.

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I'm thinking the mask belonged to a certain Rock Band employee who used to post worst games of the year videos wearing it,

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Born in San Diego, California, Luchadeer is actually the last scion of a long line of Dutch luchadeers.

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No one knows. Not even Luchadeer.

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I love the deer and it's the best mascot ever.

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In the beginning, there was naught but a point. The point exploded, creating the universe over billions of years.

That point was Luchadeer.

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Im guessing that they bought it at the same garage sale they got the sweet ass flee ridden couch!