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Full Retail Price must be 15 dollars or below. I will pay more for a heavy discount on the original price. Yes, that is rather odd.

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$15-20 is what I feel comfortable with because at that price I can look at it like a rental. I would go a little higher under right circumstances but there is no way I can bring myself to spend $50+ on a download.

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Considering i buy 95% of my games digitally, i'm fine with paying full price if it's a game i really want at launch.

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Depends on what I'm downloading. I payed 50 dollars for Civ 5 back when it came out, but I wouldn't pay that much for something like VVVVVV(despite how awesome it is)

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@canucks23 said:

Considering i buy 95% of my games digitally, i'm fine with paying full price if it's a game i really want at launch.

I'm with this guy. If I think a product is worth the asking price at launch, I'll pony up for it. Case in point, Diablo 3.

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I picked $49.99 but im not sure if thats right, I'm in the uk and would consider up to £30 on a digital copy of a game. £35 is the max

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I've paid 80$ for a digital download of Guild Wars 2.

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$15.00 is the max.

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I buy almost all of my games digitally now (assuming they're not MORE than retail price). I don't see the point of keeping discs just to clutter up the place and it's clear we're getting ever nearer to an all digital future.

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40 bones man and nothing more, unless your diablo and I don't feel like running to a game store.

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Well the most I have ever paid was 40 some odd bucks for Skyrim, but I'd pay full price for the right game at the right time.

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I choose games based on price. So if a physical copy is significantly cheaper than a steam one, I'll get that, and vice-versa, but we all know Steam sales dominate. I kind of prefer if my game is digital so I don't need to be swapping discs, but that's not going to make buy a more expensive digital copy over a physical one.

So all in all I would pay full price for a digital download (which in Australia is upwards of $80 for PC)

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Whatever the game I want costs, that's the highest price I'll pay.

Crazy, I know.

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I paid 59.99 for a Diablo III download so I guess that's how much I am willing to pay. That kind of game is few and far between, though.

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For a console digital download: $20 bones.

For a PC digital download: $40 is the highest I've paid so far.

Why a difference? Because I can mod a PC game. That extra functionality is worth the extra price.

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I try to buy as many games as possible through Steam. I never have any problems paying full price for digital downloads.

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$20 but that's skewed by the fact I won't pay full price for any modern game.

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Shouldn't new games on digital downloads be cheaper than $60 because you don't have to pay for the disc and box and ink and everything?

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Whatever I think it's worth.

If it's a funny little odd game, no more than $10 and that's stretching it. If it's a full AAA release, no more than $60 because that's what I would pay for it on disc.

When I build myself a computer, then I'll probably just wait for sales on all but the most anticipated releases.

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As much as the game I want costs, I really don't see the difference.

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Depends on if the thing will go on sale or not soon after release. In the case of Blizzard games (such as Diablo 3), they never go on sale; so if I'm planning to buy one, I'll pay full price for the download. Also if it's a game I know I'll be playing a whole lot (such as Battlefield 3) I'll do it as well.
But most of the time when it's games that I'm on the fence about, don't expect to play a lot, or haven't sold well at launch, I'll wait for a drop to around $15. Possibly $20 if it includes DLC.

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Well technically some games on steam for me in Australia are $89.99USD but I have never paid that price. I just import a retail copy from overseas and activate it on steam for half the price. Generally when buying digital goods for a new game I like the $49.99 price tag. Anything higher and it usually puts me off it. Especially when I know a steam sale is just around the corner.

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50 bucks, because I'll never buy a PC game for the same 60 bucks as the console version. Absolutely no reason for that extra 10 bucks on PC except for greed.

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At least 20 below retail.

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I don't really understand the question.

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Full retail price.

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Full price. I get enough games at a huge discount that the average I pay is still less than $10, so I don't mind.

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$775 Million Dollars <>

To be honest though for a download only title the max I would pay is $20

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Forty dollars.

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You mean there are analog downloads? :p

I've been paying full price for worthy games since Half Life 2 came out on Steam some years ago.

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I don't even have a CD/DVD drive in my PC; I haven't bought a game in at retail since I was like 10. Exception: a few console games. But yeah, I'd pay as much for digital as I'd be willing to pay at retail, even if it should be cheaper (due to manufacturing and whatnot).

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@ahaisthisourchance: I am on the same situation. $59,99 doesn't sound so bad...

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£25 is when I start looking at what retail/amazon are charging. If retail is cheaper I often go with them as a digital version tends to be included now anyway.

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Fuck those games that launch on Steam for $59.99. Also, fuck pretty much all recent Blizzard games for the same reason.

So yeah, I consider my upper limit for digital downloads to be $49.99, and even then, I only bought Portal 2 at that price; everything else I wait a couple months for a Steam sale.

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I put a hard cap on the price I'll pay for a game before the $60 price hike. I try to stick close to or under $50 new. Same applies to digital.

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$20 is my max for a digital download. I hate seeing games like Assassin's Creed 2 selling for $24.99 on Xbox Live when I can get the greatest hits copy at Walmart brand new for $20. I understand that Microsoft needs to get their slice of the profits, but seriously.

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For me it isn't about the dollar amount, it is about the price difference vs buying a physical copy. The digital version has to be significantly cheaper than buying a physical copy. I'm talking like at least 25-30% cheaper.

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The same I pay for physical discs. $60

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It really depends on what the game is. I'd happily pay $100 for a digital download of a game that will last me a good year and has frequent "free" updates to keep the content fresh.

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@Bass said:

I paid 59.99 for a Diablo III download so I guess that's how much I am willing to pay. That kind of game is few and far between, though.

This except in euro.

#46 Posted by Demoskinos (16510 posts) -
@Lunar_Aura I've put at least $100 into TF2.... I have horrible hat buying shame.
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@theguy said:

@Bass said:

I paid 59.99 for a Diablo III download so I guess that's how much I am willing to pay. That kind of game is few and far between, though.

This except in euro.

This though I used amazon since its cheaper... but if it wasn't available I would have paid full price for the digital... what matters isn't the money its the value for fun. I mean why would u cap your limit your buying to 15 dollars if the games in question offer say 10 points of fun when a 60 dollar game offers 100 points of fun. Its just logical sense. I didn't use length because it doesn't neccesarily dictate fun. Anw I can say that although I paid like 10 dollar for Braid back in the day and it was an awsome 2.5 hours(on my first playthrough), I spent about 200 hours on Diablo 3... so its much better value. Also TL in comparison i've sinked about 20 hours for a 20 dollar purchase... so I am skeptical about the sequel.

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This is kind of weird since people are thinking of Diablo, but that's a unique situation. Retail copies are pointless since they all need to be activated on Battle.net anyway. It's also an exception to the rule, I mean, how many of you people would buy anything ELSE other than Diablo III for $60? Especially when a retail option you could sell is available at the same price?

I'm approaching this with the Games on Demand mindset. There are a few rare exceptions that I might pay more for just for the convenience factor or my love for the game, but for the most part, $15 would be the max I'd pay on those services.

Games on Steam really shouldn't count, though. That's a completely separate animal and the sky is the limit. How much would you pay for a game on Desura? $5 max for me, I don't know how long Desura will be around.

It all depends on your faith in the license provider.

#49 Posted by HerbieBug (4228 posts) -

Whatever the going rate for full featured games is. Digital distribution as an option for all releases is a future I anticipate and encourage.

#50 Posted by ShockD (2486 posts) -

30€ is the maximum I've paid for a digital download. Anything higher just doesn't worth it for me so I buy a physical copy.