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 What's the weirdest music video you've ever seen? Post it here. Mine is the Major lazer video, directed by the great Eric Wareheim from Tim and eric. 

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Any video made by TOOL is pretty weird.


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Genesis - Land of Confusion 
Tom Petty - Don't Come Around Here No More

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Placebo videos have a tendency to be a bit freaky 
Also this Bloc party remix is a little bit odd (and has a vibe of dead space about it xD) 

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  Weirdest video and weirdest vocals. Double score.

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Did I just win? 

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@bigall94 said:


  I win. "
Oh shit, you do win.

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@TurboMan said:

" Did I just win? 

Wow, I do love me some Hot chip. What was with the cancer patient lead singer lol.
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@BestUsernameEver: I am convinced Tim and Eric are geniuses 
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@TheSeductiveMoose said:
"Any video made by TOOL is pretty weird.


right you are. Tool is awesome.
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if memory serves me correctly thats robert ashley's band. Cool video.
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I am sorry but I win this game of the weirdest music video ever, its not terribly weird until he starts eating the ice cream!  

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Got a few more gotta remember them   Skip to 4 mins in


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This. XD


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I can't post it but it involved penis going into pussy and mouth. Pornhub it "sexiest music video". 

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William H. Macy rocking the keyboard yo!!!


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@BestUsernameEver: That is amazing...
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@TaliciaDragonsong said:

" This. XD


not weird just amazing
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  Weird is always best when it's unintentional :P
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I've seen alot weirder ones than this one and some of them are already in the thread but this one is the most recent from Swedish band Royal Republic

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@sagesebas said:
" @BestUsernameEver: I am convinced Tim and Eric are geniuses  "
Yes, them and Zach Galafinakis are truely comic and directing icons.
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Can't believe no one has suggested this yet. Shit's craaaaaaaaaaazy.
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This one is pretty weird and cool at the same time. It's From Your Mouth by God Lives Underwater. Very well put and creative.

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oh, not the weirdest videos I've seen, but among the top 25 or so, the swedish band Dom Dummaste (the dumbest) had two videos of the song "Huset är fullt med syra" (the house is filled with acid) around 1990-92, one directed music video and one recorded from a live performance, both rather strange in different ways.

The lyrics are dadaistic nonsense in swedish, very much unrelated to what is being shown on screen, some noteworthy lines include "We're no microphone poets, we rap with the mouth full of jellyfish", and "Arne Weisse shat with a bang, Hitler thought it was a bomb raid" - both of which rhyme in Swedish.

The 1990 video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4a2O68tT1fA


The 1992 "live" video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDRVmkbVYJo

  edit: fixed video stuff.
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@Defias: Hell yes, Richard James is a genius. Not sure if rubber johnny is a music video, buts that effin weird too.
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@BestUsernameEver: Is that Nina Sky in that song?
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anything lady gaga related

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Sunn O))) is the weirdest band i know of

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@Axxol said:
" @BestUsernameEver: Is that Nina Sky in that song? "
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It's not weird, more bizarre, given that it uses footage of hundreds of North Korean gymnasts in perfect sync. The song on its own isn't exceptional, but put together with the song, it works very well.

  (sorry the audio isn't the best quality)
For weird videos, you can point to any of NIN's and Bjork's body of work. As for the weirdest, off the top of my head (read: in my YT favorites) here's a bunch of Russian weirdos performing last year's Eurovision winning song... backwards.
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  This thread is now about the best music videos ever!


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@zlimness: Hahaha, yeah, pretty much.
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I think it's classified as a "short film" by Chris Cunningham. Most of Aphex Twins videos are super weird and many of them are directed by Christ Cunningham, I won't post Come to Daddy since I'm sure most people have seen it but this one is a bit more obscure but still weird:
  It seems to be mainly the video for Ventolin or at least it definitely looks like it to me.
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@evanbrau: yeah, most definitely a short film. I just remember a fan put the 4 minute version to a random aphex song.