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I haven't owned the handheld since 2008 but from my experience with it I thoroughly enjoyed the games that came out on it. Namely, "Twisted Metal" "Hot Shots Golf" "Metal Gear Portable Ops" "Daxter" and "Burnout Legends". But every time it's mentioned somewhere people have something negative to say about it. Aside from the fact that the battery life sucks and a second analog nub would make 3D games easier to play, the game library is full of good/great/excellent games. 
In context, I have owned a DS and grew tired of having to use the stylus and plan on buying a DSi XL and a 3DS later on. But all the JRPG's, mini-games and puzzle games for the DS can get boring for me.
So why is there so much hate for the PSP? When the line-up this year is actually good for a change?
-Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
-Valkyria Chronicles 2
-Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
-God of War: Ghost of Sparta
-Persona 3 

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It's existence is pretty pointless since PSP games are just console games arbitrarily scaled down to a handheld level. Whilst the DS has games that are unique for the system and could not be played on any console/system except the DS.
Saying that I do have a PSP and havent touched it since Vice City Stories.

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None here.  I have like 30 games for my PSP and have owned it since March 2005 when it came out.  I love mine.  I have a DS as well, but overall, I still think the PSP is a better system.  Sure, touch screen is nice, but I am not sure that it would kill me if it were gone now.

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PSP is good in short bursts. When it has good games, it has good games but it happens rarely. It's been picking up steam lately but hell, there're some terribad games out there for it too.

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Never understood the hate
Original games like the Metal Gear Acid series, Jeanne D'arc etc. are what make the PSP worth getting imo

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i`ve always wanted a psp, I guess it`s lineup isn`t very well know, or I guess what I mean to say is, no one really cares to see what games are on psp

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I'm actually picking one up when Birth By Sleep comes out, so no hate from me. 

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I have no problem with the console itself, because the tech behind it is wondrous, especially considering that it came out in 2004. But I've never been particularly impressed with the games it has brought to the table, and I can't say there are more than two or three games I have any desire for that I don't own yet. That said, those two or three will probably be better than anything I own now (Peace Walker, Valkyria Chronicles 2, The Third Birthday). The system has fighting and racing games in spades but doesn't do anything else particularly well, a shame considering the power and ability it has.  

Personal PSP Collection

1. Lumines II
2. SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs - Fireteam Bravo
3. Me & My Katamari
4. Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower
5. Valkyrie Profile
6. PaRappa the Rapper
7. God of War: Chains of Olympus
8. WipEout Pure
9. Dissidia: Final Fantasy
10. Fate/Unlimited Codes
11. Tales of VS.
12. Jeanne d'Arc
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The quantity of worthwhile titles are minimal.

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Never even realised there was so much hate towards the PSP.

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Rule of thumb, if you don't one that particular console, you must hate on it.  
Until of course you buy it eventually.

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i think psp is a pretty cool guy, eh has pretty good exclusives and doesnt afraid of anything

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I use my PSP daily and havn't touched my DS since Advanced Wars: Dual Strike. Mostly because using a DS fat at this point would just be embarassing, but also because I use my PSP for music, film and tv shows. So if i'm only going to carry one around it will be the PSP as I don't always feel like gaming on the train.
And no, I don't have an iPhone for that stuff either.

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Probably the same reason why you mention an operating system other than Windows on these forums and get someone upset enough to tell you why you should only use Windows.
But yeah, the top-notch titles have never been rolling in at the rate they once were for the DS. But I think even the DS is starting to lapse a little, as I'd assume the big developers are digging in for their first 3DS titles.

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I actually regret my DS purchase and wish I had gotten a PSP instead.  If it ever comes down to a reasonable price, I'll buy a PSP Go.

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I think all the points have been stated, but it breaks down pretty easily: 
1.  Many of the games are scaled down ports that don't really take advantage of the benefits of a portable system.  
2.  Due to piracy or low attachment rate (or both) there haven't been a ton of original games developed for PSP (outside of Japan's monster hunter chaos) 
3.  High price of entry, especially with the PSPgo, an overpriced mismanaged fiasco of a product refresh. 
4.  The Nintendo DS exists, which is cheaper and has plenty more games along a wider variety of genres. It's also sold WAY more.   
 I like my PSP a lot, but it's pretty easy to look at the libraries of the two portable systems and see why the PSP is firmly in second place. 

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I stopped using my PSP when I started working from home and no longer took a train to work.  However Persona 3 Portable has me using it again.  PSP seems to be used a lot on trains around here, way more than the DS

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Its a great system and they really did deliver some really fun games.  With that said a 2nd nub is all in needed to make it a classic.

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To be fair, the 3DS also will have scaled down ports of console games but everyone heaps praise on the system's upcoming game library
For reference the PSP has 87 games on Metacritic that are scored above 80 while the DS has around 100 (some being the same game i.e. Nintendogs: Labrador etc. and Pokemon)  
My problem with the DS is that many of the good games that have been released in the past aren't available anymore because Nintendo stopped producing them, whereas on the PSP, games that are no longer being produced on the UMD format can be downloaded from the PlayStation Network. I am looking forward to the 3DS and the great looking 3D graphics but I am not a fan of the stylus, nor am I a fan of the small screen. I don't understand the hate for the PSP and I'm aware that the sales for it have been terrible recently  (sales aren't everything though; see "Just Dance"), but I am also glad that it exists because I'm not interested in a touch screen nor am I interested in stereoscopic 3D gaming. I would hope that the PSP2 solves whatever problems any haters have with the handheld.

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Whenever it gets mentioned its compared to the DS and how much more successful it is. Other than that there really is nothing wrong with it.

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As a portable gaming device, it's pretty good. As a portable console, meh, not so much.
People want a portable console out of the PSP, not a portable gaming device...does that even make sense?
The PSP Go is a piece of shit though, Sony should just be plain embarrassed that they let that system go out the way it did.

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Good console with the occasinal lack of new game releases
But to anyone who says iPhone is better I will say FUCK no. It's a good little console. iPhone is terrible for games.

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Is there a thread on this site where you take a picture of your PlayStation Portable showing much dust has accumulated on top of it? Because although I don't think I'd win, I'm pretty sure I'd be in the running.
I don't hate the PlayStation Portable -- I'm nowhere near hating it -- it just doesn't coax me into playing it, so I don't use it.