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After seeing all the different Steam Background for various games I wonder'd what you all pick as you're favorites! I personally love Mech's and Machinery (Love Gundam) so the Strike Suit games were right up my street! I also love Eve and the whole space exploration side to it. Here's a collection of my favorites.

Strike Suit Zero : Strike Suit
Strike Suit Zero : Strike Suit

Endless Space : Automatons
Endless Space : Automatons
Eve Online : Gallente Federation
Eve Online : Gallente Federation
Eve Online : Caldari State
Eve Online : Caldari State

What are some of you're favorites?

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My favourite is "Confrontation," the System Shock 2 art that was taken from Deviantart, with the robot lady looking at the space marine. Very beautiful and striking. Deviantart link: http://jimhatama.deviantart.com/art/Shodan-135337889

(Ed. note: never played System Shock 2.)

Is there a good way of looking at the different backgrounds, aside from searching the community market?

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I did not know you could change the background. I think I prefer the default.

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My favorites would probably be most of the ones for Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack. Oh, and this one Super Meat Boy one :)


To be honest I'm a bit disappointed with how plain a lot of the backgrounds are for some games, I would have like to see more detailed or at least less empty backgrounds for stuff like Dust: AET, Portal 2, Bastion, and a few others. A simple black background with a character is just lacking something I think, especially with how great the art is for most of these.

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Love the Super Meat Boy background! I agree, the Portal 2 one's I have are rather rubbish in comparison to others. Although I'd say that most games seem to have at least 1 good background out of the 5 available, but some are definitely lacking effort in terms of design. I would of loved to have seen some Portal 2 backgrounds designed around the test chambers or maybe the quirky art style they use in their adverts and displays.

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Secret of the Magic Crystals!!!!

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I believe the one that I use that I quite enjoy is called "I'm out..." from Monaco. Although really there are few Monaco backgrounds I dislike. Also those are really the only ones I've looked at.

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I can't find a good pic of it, but the Biker from Hotline Miami is my Favorite.. in fact all the HM ones are great.

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@randomhero666: You might find this site handy, it lists and has images of all the cards, background, and emoticons for the various trading card supported games ^_^

I believe this is the one you're referring to. It's certainly rather memorable, though I'm not sure I'd like it on my profile...kinda gives off the wrong message...


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I'm currently rocking this lovely background.

I'm wearing my owl head.
I'm wearing my owl head.

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I love the Hotline Miami ones! But i agree about maybe not having them on my profile.

I just unlocked some of the Bit Trip Runner backgrounds and they do look rather sweet!

Bit Trip Runner - Boss
Bit Trip Runner - Boss

Bit Trip Runner - Level 3
Bit Trip Runner - Level 3

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@dalai said:

I'm currently rocking this lovely background.

I'm wearing my owl head.
I'm wearing my owl head.

Is that from Hotline Miami? Yeah, I saw a few of those and they just look absolutely amazing!

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...Steam has backgrounds? Huh...guess I'll set something then!

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I really like this Meatboy one. In fact I just went and bought it for 3p after seeing this thread.

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Currently using this. Hoping they add steam cards for ultra street fighter 4 and that i can get my hands on a t.hawk background as he is my main. I doubt he'll get a background though as he is such an underrepresented character.

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This one (obviously). It's also the only reason I (or anybody really) ever visit my Steam profile.


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Well right now I use this:


good ol xotl-teh

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I really like my Mars: War Logs background--mostly because I'm pretty sure that I'm the only person on Steam that's using it.


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I don't have all that many in my inventory, but I do like the one I'm currently using: