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After reading the article about 343 studios auctioning off old Xbox 1 controllers it made me remember how much I loved that thing despite how ugly it was. I'd like to know what is your favorite controller of all time?

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The Sega GEN one.

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The Playstation controller. Before that, the SNES controller. The Playstation controller felt like a logical step forward.

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The Wii Remote

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My favorite is the Xbox 360 controller. It's the perfect size for my hand whereas the original Xbox controllers never felt right. The buttons are perfectly placed and the trigger are like a dream. I liked the SNES controller, too.
I don't personally like any of the PlayStation controllers, though. I don't know why but they always give me cramps after playing with them for a while. I never have this problem with any other controllers. I think it might be because of the specific shape, plus the analog sticks are too high and loose. The L2 and R2 buttons on the PS3 are dreadful pieces of crap.

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The dualshock controllers. SNES controller. Xbox 360 controller. I cant
decide between those.

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As for first-party controllers, definitely the 360 LE controller with the transforming D-pad. Nothing else even comes close. The 360 controller took what I thought was the best controller last gen, the Xbox Controller S, fixed the black and white buttons, made it wireless, but unfortunately screwed up the D-pad. The LE version fixes the D-pad and improves it to the point that it's the best D-pad I've ever used. So it has an excellent D-pad, extremely solid construction, good buttons, the best triggers, an ergonomic shape that's comfortable for small or large hands, good rumble, what isn't to love?
Including all controllers, I like my Fight Stick Tournament Edition. Granted, it's only good for the one genre of games, but it's so good at what it does that it's still my favorite.

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Classic NES controller or the Atari 2600 joystick controller. Those were basically the guys that got this whole video game thing rolling...

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360 or the 3 button Mega Drive Controller.

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All time : SNES
Currently : 360

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Keyboard and Mouse. Have yet to find a controller that felt natural in my hands, and let me do what I wanted it to do.

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The 360 controller.

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The 360 controller - its just so gosh darn comfy.

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SNES controller for sure. Seemed like the best logical leap from the NES controller and it's before Nintendo went crazy and designed the N64 controller.

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Sega Megadrive controller. Still an absolute pleasure to use.

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The 360 controller, it's just so...nice.

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Probably the dual shock. A right analogue stick solved all of the 3D camera problems of the past. 
It would be the 360 controller if it didn't have that pathetic d-pad.
I also have to mention the Mega Drive controller which had one of the greatest d-pads of all time. 
@crusader8463 said:

Keyboard and Mouse. Have yet to find a controller that felt natural in my hands, and let me do what I wanted it to do.  
I take it you've never played a fighting or driving game before, right?
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The Playstation controllers.

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@MysteriousBob: Not since the SNES. I don't like those genres, so I have no desire to ever play them. I hate driving in real life so I never saw the appeal in spending my free time driving in a video game, and I could never remember the combos for fighting games.
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I would say 360 controller but I can't overlook the D-Pad.

My other choice would be the PS2 controller.

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The GameCube controller. It feels perfect in my hands and I enjoy the button placement. The only problem i have with it is that the dpad is not so good.

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The Dualshock, I guess.

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Dualshock, this should have been a poll.

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The Xbox 360 gamepad. It's the right size, it's the right shape, the face buttons feel great, the triggers feel great, the analogue sticks have great grip and are positioned perfectly. The only poor part is the D-pad, which I'm fine with since I've never needed to use it for anything more advanced than weapon switching.

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GameCube controller.

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The 360 controller, because it's suited for nearly every type of game (don't play fighting games so I don't really mind of the horrible D-pad) and the DualShock 2 controller. The extra curving that the L2 and R2 buttons gave the controller are just so damn nice. Shame they fucked it up with the SixAxis and DualShock 3.

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Any iteration of the Dualshock. I fucking hated the original Xbox controllers, they cramped my hands up to the point of going numb.

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I used to be a big advocate for the Dualshock, but now that I've started to use my PS3 a lot more I actually find myself wishing I was playing with a 360 controller - it just fills up your hands better (say that with as masculine a voice as you can muster)

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Fondest memories? Playstation one, pre-dualshock.

Best? Xbox 360. I mean that's not even debatable.

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DualShock 3

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These days, the Xbox360 controller. The dpad sucks, but better a sucky dpad then a sucky analog stick (Playstation). I also like the Gamecube controller, but it is nowhere near as versatile as the Xbox360 controller (no LB/RB, second analogstick is to small, no USB, etc.). That said, official drivers for the Xbox360 controller on PC are the worst drivers I have ever seen for a controller, luckily homebrew alternatives exist.
Going back a decade: The Sidewinder 3D Pro was a fantastic joystick, brought throttle and ruddle controls to every day consumers, didn't require calibration and had a bunch more buttons then other joysticks. I also find it much more comfortable then the Ergonomic Sidewinders that followed. To bad its Gameport only and doesn't have USB.

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360 controller for anything requiring Dual Analogue inputs and the SNES controller for games requiring a D-pad.

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 The NegCon! 
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The 360 controller

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SNES and 360 controller (despite the horrendous D-Pad)

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@BeachThunder said:

The Playstation controllers.
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It's a toss up between the GameCube's WaveBird and the 360 controller. The WaveBird's ergonomics are perfect and I love how your fingers slide into the hollowed out triggers. But the 360 controller is smoother, has more responsive, weighty buttons and is lighter. If it wasn't for the terrible D-pad, it would win hands down.

Also the TE Fightstick is the best thing ever.

And the Wii's classic controller is awful! Tiny sticks on a SNES controller, really?

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@blitzkriegblizzard said:
Dualshock, this should have been a poll.
that would have taken a lot of time to write out,but yea.
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360 controller

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Silver 360 Controller with the better D-Pad.

The D-Pad still isn't great, but it's better than the old one.

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The SNES controller.  It was the controller for the best console ever made.  Wins by default.  
Plus there are getting to be too many buttons these days.  

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Xbox 360 with the lockable D-pad.  The PS3 controller isn't bad, but the triggers curve the worng direction.   
For anybody who picks the original XBox controller, I'd like to know how tall they are.  The only guy I know personally who likes it is 6"3.  It makes sense that people with bigger hands might like it more.
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dualshock 3 with the 360 controller a close second.

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The 360. It has a really poor d-pad (at least the older models) but it isn't such a big deal, since most games don't use it.

I hate that Sony seem to refuse to move the analogue sticks to make them the primary method of control, even though they're used as such in almost every game these days. It's uncomfortable having them at the bottom and they're made of a bad material.. the triggers are bad too. I think the Gamecube controller is second for me after the 360 one, it was a great shape and just felt right.

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1) The 360 controller

2) The SNES controller

3) The Saturn controller

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Keyboard & Mouse followed by 360 pad. (that said, some games simply aren't good on KB+M, like racing games)
My PS3/360/PC modded arcade stick for fighting games.

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It's the 360 Pad for me, it just fits so well in my hands. I might try and pick up one of the Duke controllers if they sell them for a limited run.