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Whats your favorite old console.

counting last generation and later. wii 360 ps3 and computer are  not choices.

Id have to say gameboy or sega genesis, cant choose.
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Genesis or PS1.

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I'd have to say SNES.

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SNES, it's hardly a contest  XD

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Gamecube, PS1 is a close second

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Maybe Dreamcast.

Good times.
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Game fucking Boy Advanced
Followed by PS2.
Both beat the shit out of the current gen.

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Without question my favorite old console is the Genesis. I still play it now and love every second of it...I really wish I owned a SNES at some point though.

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SNES, or Genesis, SNES was my first console, but I really started loving games after playing the first Sonic game, ahhh back when the series didn't suck.

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PS1, first time I played non PC games.

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PS1 and SNES

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Sega Megadrive.... oh how I loved you so! :D

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the console that sticks out most to me in how much fun I had with it is easily the N64. God, Star Fox 64 and Perfect Dark were the bulk of my childhood.

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N64, SNES, GameCube, in that order.

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Bellum said:
"I'd have to say SNES."
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PS2.  Large-ass library of games.  And the PS2 slim is so quiet and small!!!

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SNES.  Although I probably spent more time with the N64 because of Mario 64, Goldeneye, and Ocarina of Time; SNES just had better games in the long run.  Too bad I had to experience Chrono Trigger on a PS1 instead of a SNES.  Didn't get into RPGs until I was older.

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Edit: You can tell who some of the younger people are by their ridiculous replies.

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Neo Geo and PC Engine

Dreamcast has to slip in also, I'm still in love with it even today.

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Sega Genesis and Sega Dreamcast

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PureRok said:

Edit: You can tell who some of the younger people are by their ridiculous replies."
BiggerBomb said:
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GBC and PS1.  Just got a N64 so we'll see and still need to get me a snes ;X

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Have it plugged in, too. 
I mean, sure, your hands hurt from playing it. It takes ages just to wiggle the cartriges in place and blow out the dust to even get them to run. Heck, you can't even save the games. But the gameplay (lets be real, read: nostalgia value) just makes it all worth it.