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What about Alex? :(

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Anything Vinny, baby! 
Edit: Also, no Dave love?

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Ryan and Vinny can be really great. Ryan's reactions to Vinny's giddily uttered obscene statements are wonderful.

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Oh god, I see pattern forming... =O

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Ryan and Vinny all the way :P

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@BeachThunder said:

" What about Alex? :( "

@mylifeforAiur said:

" Anything Vinny, baby!  Edit: Also, no Dave love? "

I would have totally included those guys if it didn't mean I'd have to list  6! / 2! (6-2)! = 720/ 2*24 = 15 different options. That would just be unruly. 
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Jeff and Vinny.  I have been thinking about this a lot myself.
I just straight out don't watch Quick Looks with Brad.  Fucking hell, he's the worst in every single way.

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Ryan and Vinny. Vinny's brain works in such weird ways, blurting out really bizzare things sometimes, and Ryan has great reactions.

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@cnlmullen: An "Other" option could have sufficed. Not that it really matters, nothing is better than Vinny and Ryan^^
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Vinny and Ryan are natural presenters and really bring out the best in whoever they're teamed up with so together they form some kind of almighty banter spouting powerhouse.  
They're all good but those two, especially Ryan, just have a knack for filling any dead air in a very natural manner. If I said they'd be good presenting QVC would that make sense? 
Edit, that said I do enjoy them all. Jeff is only just behind Ryan and Vinny for improvisation and I always found Brad to be funny in a straight man kind of way. He gets over looked but every comic troupe needs  a straight man and he delivers.

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@BeachThunder said:
" What about Alex? :( "
Fuck Navarro.
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Why do people always make me choose? I guess Jeff and Ryan, but I really like to see the combinations mixed up, it gives the quick looks some variety.

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@LeetBalla said:
" @BeachThunder said:
" What about Alex? :( "
Fuck Navarro. "
Agreed.  I'm not sure who I would consider worse, Alex or Brad.
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Awwwww... I like Brad. I wish he got more votes (although I did vote for Jeff and Vinny)

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I really appreciate quicklooks that incorporate more than 2 people. They tend to turn out hilarious regularly. 

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Where's the "Dave + Anybody" or "Ryan and Alex Playing Kirby's Epic Yarn" options?

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Vinny and Dave, then Vinny and Jeff

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@Sinkwater said:
" Vinny and Dave, then Vinny and Jeff "
Vinny + Dave + Mike is my dream team.
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@HaltIamReptar said:
" @Sinkwater said:
" Vinny and Dave, then Vinny and Jeff "
Vinny + Dave + Mike is my dream team. "
exactly what i was gonna say.
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Anything with Dave is gold. As for the fab four, usually Vinny-Jeff produce the best results. Brad dying constantly also makes for a quality QL no matter who he's paired with, assuming I don't actually want to know about the game being played.

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Usually any combo that includes Vinny is good, as he's the last one that would ever slip in a passive-aggressive "Jeff," an easily bored "Ryan," and always keeps far away from a sleepy "Brad." 
But, out of those; Vinny and Ryan.

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The more the merrier. 
I loved the STO videos, especially when Brad was in charge of the ship and everybody would just have to sit
and watch the certain demise of the USS Duder over and over again - not silently, of course.
For this poll I went with Vinny and Jeff.

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Vinny and Vinny.  
Seriously, anything with Vinny is a must-watch. That is, if I prioritized quick-looks.

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It's a tough call, I like most all mashups.  
Ryan has his current "feelings", and an opinion that may or may not change weither Jeff thinks it's cool... so there's that. Don't get me wrong though, there's a time and a place for it.. like TANG, or Gameroom.. but it's kinda a downer for me in QL's when he starts on the negative downward spiral.  
Brad can be entertaining, and definately is a nice change of pace...albeit he may suck at the games a bit.  
I prefer Vinny's thoughtful questions, attention to the community, and quick wit... and General positive nice guy Jeff. Honest, but doesn't overly push opinions and doesn't always agree bounce back and forth on his opinion.  
I would like to see Drew get in more though.
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Vinny, Ryan and Jeff. Any Combination. Also Dave.

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@BeachThunder: alex is annoying as all get out.
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Vinny and Dave.

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I kinda just got sad looking at Brad's votes. It's okay Brad, we do love you we swear it!

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Vinny's mind works in the same random-ass way as mine does, so anything with him in it is my favorite. 
I voted Ryan + Vinny, because Ryan's constant sardonic dickishness is the perfect counter-part to Vinny's gleeful obscenity. Jeff has good days and bad days, but when he's on he's fucking hilarious (Endless Oceans: Blue World QL).

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where is the DAVE/BRAD option?

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Brad and Ryan, DP ER for life!

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Endurance run 4 life

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As many others have said, Vinny usually makes a Quick Look much more interesting just by virtue of him being in it, but if I had to pick, I'd go with Vinny and Ryan. Vinny and Jeff is also a classic combination. Vinny and Brad is the only thing that makes a QL involving Brad more interesting, except when Ryan and Brad are together and Ryan spends a portion of the QL making fun of Brad. Brad gets bored easily, seems like he's perpetually stricken with mono, and doesn't have the improv abilities of the other three. Vinny is delightfully random, which I adore, and his laugh is downright iconic.

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Really, anything with Vinny. He brings  the funny like... someone funny brings the funny.

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Vinny and Jeff/Ryan always wins.

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Jeff and Jeff

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I can't choose all four at once? Super Mario Brothers Wii QL is one of my favorites.

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Vinny and Ryan always keep it light and entertaining, without too much cynicism. But if it's a game I want to have treated a bit more technically I like a good Jeff and Brad QL.
Any combo of 3 or more is always magic, though.

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Ryan and Brad.  Brad always dies, Ryan gives him a hard time about it.  It is fantastic.

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Jeff and Vinny

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Vinny and Ryan. Definitely 'proved' themselves recently with the Sims 3 'Quick' Look and their opening to the Fable 3 one was equally hilarious. Like people say, Vinny is the entertainer and Ryan the perfect host so they gel well together. Though a 4 guy quick look is always awesome. And also their look at Wipeout had me crying with laughter so bravo men.

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Vinny, Vinny and Vinny. <3

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Ryan and Vinny, yo. Every single quick look done by this dream team turns out as one of the best of the site.
Which is a shame, because these two rarely team up:(

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Lookit' them results. Poor Bradley. 
While I love them all, It seems like the Ryan + Vinny combo works the most consistently. That said, Honourable Mention goes out to the Jeff + Vinny Endurance Runs / Endurance Looks.

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@mylifeforAiur said:
" Anything Vinny, baby!  Edit: Also, no Dave love? "
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Any team without Brad or Alex is a good team in my book.

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I'm gonna have to go with Ryan and Vinny

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Ryan and Vinny.