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A very quick search didn't show any topics along these lines that could be of full help to me so here goes.
I have a little side project I'm going to be working on over the next few weeks/months, which revolves around platform games.
So - What is your very favourite 2D scrolling (horizontal/vertical/both) platforming game, on any platform (phone, XBLA, GB, Atari, whatever), and why?
What do they do better than the other similar platformers? What drew you in in the first place? What about it's level design? Enemies?
The more info you can provide, the better.
Many thanks in advance.

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Dynamite Headdy. Because no other platformer has as much variety. Every level is a different experience and nothing is repeated. Its perfect.
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Contra 3 - The Alien Wars, or
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. 
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@Linkyshinks said:
"Super Mario World, but my heart will always say Super Mario Bros 3.  
All areas of Super Mario World's design was exceptionally good for the time - it had excellent varied level design which blew players away with their invention and charm. Awesomely catchy music from the great Koji Kondo. It's music still has impact within the franchise to this very day. The game also has great art direction - much of what you see in Mario World still remains today in some form or the other. The game made great use of a vibrant great colour palette that Super Famicom could support. It's colour mirrored those found on the controller itself, something which I thought was very cool. It had clean well drawn cutesy sprite based graphics, and characters which oozed charm. A few of them were brought to life using Mode 7 effects. It was small touches such as this that made things even cooler. It took warps to the next level literally - Super Mario World had some may cool secret levels
 I've still got my 20 year old mint copy. I stood outside a Dixons store in West London at 6.30am in the morning in the pouring rain. The store opened at 9.00am, lol


I was going to write pretty much exacly this so now I'll just quote it.
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@MysteriousBob: Dude, yes!


This level sums up everything about this game for me. Unique look, fun to play and a-mazing music.

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 Really enjoyed the Knytt Stories games and also Cave Story lately. Fartpuzzler, bionic commando remake, and the GBA metroids also great. 
oh and Hammerin Harry is hillarious
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Kid Chameleon





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Thanks for the great responses so far, including many games I have never heard of! Definitely a lot for me to think about and look into.
Keep 'em coming!

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Hmmm maybe Alex Kid, Commander Keen, or Claw.

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Castlevania SOTN, Golden Axe, or Sonic 2.

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@CandleJakk said:
"including many games I have never heard of!"
Yeah, I've never heard of this "Mario" series either. I might look into it.
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Super Mario World. The controls of a Mario game are so tight, that it's difficult to play other platformers sometimes--like Prinny: Can I Really be a Hero. Man, did I hate not having in-air control, because that game begged for it. It was as if the developers conciously decided to make their game more frustrating by requiring pinpoint jump accuracy mixed with enemies that can knock you back, and only let you jump in a linear path. I can't tell you how many times playing that I wished it controlled like Mario--wait, I can. 3 times. Then I stopped playing. I can't put up with frustrating controls. Mario always just feels good compared to other platformers by comparison.

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Super mario world, then Viewtiful Joe, I haven't really played sidescrollers since the days of snes, other than Klonoa 2 on the ps2 and viewtiful joe, while I liked Klonoa 2, it was way too short.

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new zealand story

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" @MysteriousBob: Dude, yes!


This level sums up everything about this game for me. Unique look, fun to play and a-mazing music.

  If you're a fan of the music, you should check this out. Strange how the lyrics are in English.
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Man, there's just so many.
Mega-man, Abe's Oddysee, Flashback, Earthworm Jim, Skullmonkeys, the Marios, the list is endless.
If I had to pick just one... I'd probably have to pick the original Bionic Commando.
@Lawrens: Viewtiful Joe is an awesome call.
@Bombs_Away: A lot of the old Disney licensed stuff was incredible - Aladdin was another that I remember well.@sandwich_adjustment:
@sandwich_adjustment: Flashback... so good, totally mind-blowing in it's day.

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There are hundreds of past 2d platformers that I love. But most recently N+ has got me hooked. Mainly because it just works, everything about the platforming feels right and best of all it's fair, if you die, you know it was your fault. Unlike a lot of older nes/snes games where stuff could totally cheat to kill you!
It's also a blast with friends, seeing 2, 3 or 4 ninjas acting in unison is a sight to behold.

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@pepsicolagirl said:
"Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.   "
Amen to that. Probably the best 2D platformer to ever hit a handheld. The world progression and boss fights were a stroke of genius. Oh, and the giant Mario robot.