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This type of topic has probably been done before, but at any rate I was still interested in sharing some of the biggest golden moments in all of gaming with the GiantBomb community here. 

Here are some of my picks:

Halo 2
- First Scarab battle
Half-Life 2 - Nova Prospect prison level
Super Mario 64 -  Bob-omb Battlefield stage
Crysis - Exodus level
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - All ghillied up mission
Halo: Combat Evolved  - Truth and Reconciliation mission
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves  - Train sequence
Assassin's Creed  - Arrival in Jerusalem.

And lot's more.

What are some of your favourite missions/sequences/moments/levels ever in a video game?
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*The title is supposed to be "What are some of your most memorable video game moments of all time", but since GiantBomb won't let me do shit, I cant edit the topic name.

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Well, I'll try to remember what I can but my picks may lean towards the present more due to my memory.

Call of Duty 4: The nuclear explosion.
Sonic 1: The first time I played Green Hill Zone.
Super Mario Bros.: World 1-1.
DK Jr. (Colecovision): This is the first game I ever played.
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: The Hoth level, specifically using the tow-cables on the AT-AT's.  This was the first time I had ever circled an enemy in a 3D environment.
Phantasy Star 4/Final Fantasy 7: The death of Allys (PS4) and Aeris (FF7).  Both were incredibly sudden.
Limbo: The ending.
Red Dead Redemption: The ending.
God of War 3: The opening.
Elder Scrolls: Oblivion: The moment as soon as you leave the sewers.
Forza 3: The demo.  This was the first game I played on an HDTV.
Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader: The trench run.
Wii Sports: The first time I played it was pretty cool.
MK II: This was the first game I really remember playing in the arcade.

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Starting Mario 64, wow just wow.

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Beating Ocarina of Time all those years ago. Good times.

EDIT: I also forgot to mention my obsessive love for the Mega Man series in general, but Mega Man Zero left a big impact on me. So awesome, man.
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One of my favorites was in Spider-Man 2 on the Gamecube. When you meet that fishbowl dude in the comic book store and you prepare to fight, his health bar fills up four times over. When the battle starts I was worried I'de be there all day killing this dude, it turns out you kill him in one punch and he's a nerd in disguise. Me and my cousin were like "wtf lol?"

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Mine has to go to Planetside. I was piloting a BFR with a gunner int eh back seat during a warp gate siege. You can't attack form inside the Warp bubble but your shields don't regenerate and you can't repair vehicles and those on the outside  can't shoot in. In side the warp gate was me and my gunner and a few stray infantry. Outside it were two heavy enemy tanks and two enemy BFRs

We had been pooping shots at each-other for the better part of a half an hour. I was low on shields and ammo, so I decided to just banzai charge them. I run out and start shooting. First shot blows up a tank, my few shots blow up the other tank. I turn around and drop the first BFR. What killed me wasn't the last BFR, but a cloaked guy who planted explosives on my hull, but it didn't matter since I broke the siege. That was pretty awesome. 

Damnit, now I miss Planetside. 
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@SoldierG654342: Huh? Have they changed that? 'Cause back in the day you could totally repair inside bubbles.

Some of my best memories are from PlanetSide as well. One was when me and three friends defended a bridge which was the only access point  for our enemies to a major base assault. We took out maybe 15 vehicles and 30-40 infantry, and another buddy said there had been reports on the enemy side that a large company was holding the bridge and they needed more help. Just goes to show what small groups of determined individuals can achieve with a choke point and explosives.
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@Vodun said:
" @SoldierG654342: Huh? Have they changed that? 'Cause back in the day you could totally repair inside bubbles.

Then maybe I'm just misremembering that part, but I could have sworn that you couldn't use any equipment inside bubbles. Of course, I'm talking about almost seven years ago. I don't know what "back in the day" is relative to you. 
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I just remembered a few more. 

Sonic 2: Running faster than the screen could scroll.
Sonic CD: There are two moments.  The opening cutscene and, in the first level, there's a moment when Sonic runs up a tall ramp and does while running in to the screen.  It's hard to explain but it had a kind of pseudo-3D effect.
Mortal Kombat 1 (Genesis): Putting in the blood code and pulling off my first fatality.
Goldeneye: Playing multiplayer with my cousins' and brother during family get-togethers.

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The previous TNT made me remember when I played F-Zero GX
When I managed to open the AX cup, THAT was fucking awesome.

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Bionic Commando (NES) ending
Aerith/Aeris cutscene FF VII
The Water Temple in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Periods of Time in Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle
Arthas cutscene in Warcraft III

There's so many, but these were the first that came to mind.

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Phantasmagoria - Regina's death. couldent sleep properly for days^^
Phantasy Star 1 - Dungeon music. God i love the music in that game! (remade)
Final Fantasy 10 - Yuna's dance. So beautiful <3
Metal Gear Solid - Death of sniper wolf. When the music kicked in i actually cried. I love that scene. Had big impact on me :)
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Definitely deserves to go alongside Pyramid head as one of the most iconic horror game villains. <3
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Anything in Fallout 3.

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First time playing Mario 64.
More recently is the first time you leave the Vault in Fallout 3, since that was my first ever non-nintendo console game.

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I'm a really, really big Indiana Jones fan so pretty much everything in Uncharted 2. That being said, the truck chase was incredible.

The ending of Portal 2.
The return to City 17 in Half-Life 2.
The first time I took down a Colossus in SoTC.
Flying around like Spider-Man in the Sky Temple in Twilight Princess. Speaking of Zelda, the final boss fight in Wind Waker.
The entirety of the least missions in Mercenaries.
The end of Super Metroid.
Oh yeah: the end of Star Fox 64 if you were on expert or whatever and took the hard path to Andross. That was some cool stuff.
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The moment Super Meat Boy popped that I'm a Golden God! Achievement in my screen, my eyes filled with tears of joy. It was, and probably will be, my crowning moment of awesomeness in video game matter.

... and probably of my whole, pathetic life :P

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Most of my memorable game moments have been from online multiplayer. I'm not much of a campaign guy.

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Playing Final Fantasy 10 with three of my friends in High School for 24 hours straight with no memory card to save our progress. It made every fight feel like it was the most monumental event in the world, because if we lost it was game over for real. The second we got a memory card though the magic was gone and we all lost interest in the game instantly.

I also had the same experiences playing Front Mission 3 on my PSX alone. The threat of perma death makes games so intense, and so much fun.
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The second to last truck level in GTA: SA.  Rusty Cage was playing on the radio as I'm driving a truck with waste through SF, with a five star wanted level.  I'd failed this mission many times, and I made it just to the end, getting mission compete as my truck exploded a second later.  Awesome.

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Most of my most memorable video game moments of all time are all about the adrenaline factor.

MUDing back in the mid-late 90s, being player-killed in the lowbie zones, then coming back to them later as a higher character.
In my first few months of playing Everquest, experiencing trains in Unrest  (there's no concept page for train?!). My first online shooter:  Aliens vs Predators 2.
One of my first world-pvp experiences in WoW, being level a level 40ish human warlock sometime back in 2005, coming across a similar-leveled tauren shaman... and battling for like 10 fucking minutes.
PVPing in Warhammer Online, whether it was scenarios or RvR.

For simple amazement at the games, whether mechanics or graphics:

Building my own home brick by brick, and making money building other people's homes in Horizons.
Portal, which just completely tripped me out for the first couple hours.

And nongame, but still fucking cool:

Waiting in line 14 hours with my husband to buy our Xbox 360 (he'd already been there 7 hours when I joined him).
Finding the 100 page memory card for the original Playstation back in the day.  (This was before they had actual sizes, and were just blocks per page.)  These appear to be really super rare now.
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  • Psycho Mantis doing weird things to my DualShock in Metal Gear Solid. Never have I been more amazed at the power of peripheral vibration than that very moment.
  • Rez Area 5. All of it.
  • The death of Aeris in Final Fantasy 7 and my attempts to revive her via a variety of totally incorrect internet rumours.
  • End of Link's Awakening on the Gameboy. Truly lovely ending to a lovely game, lovingly recreated in four shades of grey.
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Opening the Door of Time in Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

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Silent Hill 2 - Meeting Pyramid Head. I froze in complete horror the first time we came face to face. The scene is so dark you can barely make out what you are looking at, but you don't even have to be a wizard to know that it looks fucked up.
Metal Gear Solid 3 - The fight with The End. Easily the best sniper fight in any game. Pure awesome epicness.
Final Fantasy 6 - Kefka destroys the fucking world. Crazies thing to ever happen in a Final Fantasy game.
WoW - Two manning Scarlet Monastery Cathedral with my best friend. We weren't over leveled or anything. It took us forever to do, but pulling it off was so satisfying.

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Beating I Wanna Be The Guy is THE definitive moment.
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@SoldierG654342 said:
"Then maybe I'm just misremembering that part, but I could have sworn that you couldn't use any equipment inside bubbles. Of course, I'm talking about almost seven years ago. I don't know what "back in the day" is relative to you.  "
From the start, way before they introduced BFRs...
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Aww man I can't pick!

Really, I can't.

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@Popskinz said:
Here are some of my picks:

Halo 2
- First Scarab battle
Half-Life 2 - Nova Prospect prison level
Super Mario 64 -  Bob-omb Battlefield stage
Crysis - Exodus level
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - All ghillied up mission
Halo: Combat Evolved  - Truth and Reconciliation mission
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves  - Train sequence
Assassin's Creed  - Arrival in Jerusalem. "
excuse me, how the fuck can you memorize mission names like that ?

i've beaten all those games and only 2-3 mission names are familiar.. describe the shit dude !
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@CitizenJP: Damn it now I got nostalgic well thanks a lot now I am on the verge of shedding tear.
Now all I can think of is when the Skull kid curses you in the begining of Mayora's Mask.
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@Agent47: Bahaha I know right?! Honestly I wish I could cry! Skull Kid is a G! :P
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goldeneye 64. it was an awesome game. it was the first time finding out that i can get motion sickness. i threw up a couple of times from playing the game. one time i paused the game went to the bathroom threw up and then went back to play the game. my mom was like what was that? i threw up.

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My most memorable moment would either be the first time I played a "real" video game (Sonic Advance 2 on the GBA) or the fun I had playing with some friends on RP servers in Garry's Mod.

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Well it's not exactly rocket science. I remember those mission and level names since I rank them as my most memorable video game moments of all time, but here is a refresher course for you.

The Exodus level in Crysis is the one were you are helping Major Strickland and his marines evacuating the now frozen and dilapidated island, and the scene where you are at Evac point with aliens, explosions and that wholly epic soundtrack was such a killer moment for me.

Truth and Reconciliation in Halo: Combat Evolved is the night time mission were you have board the covenant cruiser and rescue Captain Keyes and that level was so incredibly atmospheric, with the drum and bass soundtrack to back it all up.

As for the Half-Life 2 prison level--you control a swarm of Antlion creatures and need to sneak past the enemy combine defenses, that was part was just effin' phenomenal.
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The opening sequence of Uncharted 2 really stuck in my head for some reason.

And say what you will about the game itself, but I loved the final fight with Liquid at the end of MGS4

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The torture sequence in MGS 1, I was button mashing for Meryls life....completed game got stealth camo.

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Super Mario Bros - level 1-2.  That was so damned hard when I was 5.
Sonic the Hedgehog -  It was such a huge step up graphically from the Mario games at the time and it was so fast..
Link to the Past -  This was my first Zelda game and the first time I really remember playing a game that involved adventuring around, not just trying to find the end of the level.
Mario 64 - Running around in a 3D world was mind blowing.  Probably still the biggest leap in gaming we've had.
Final Fantasy VII - Yes, this was my first RPG but in my defence, it was the first FF game to be released in Europe.  We didn't get Dragon Quest/Warrior either.
Baldur's Gate - Served as my introduction to D&D and western style RPG's.
Grand Theft Auto - Driving around an open city, playing as a bad guy and killing people.  This was completely insane.
Goldeneye - Multiplayer deathmatches..
Phantasy Star Online - Playing a multiplayer game with people not in the same room! (although this was somewhat common for PC games at the time, it was usually considered something consoles wouldn't be able to do).
Pokemon - Collect, train, battle, trade..
Morrowind - "They have taken you from the Imperial city's prison. First by carriage and now by boat.. to the East.. to Morrowind".
Halo - I was initially unimpressed..  But it looked amazing and as soon as you hit planetside on that second mission and can drive around huge amounts of open terrain in a warthog on co-op, everything just clicked for me and it's still one of my favourite moments in gaming.

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Thief deadly shadows - The Shalebridge cradle ( be afraid)

Fatal Frame - (fighting a scary ass ghost with a camera)
Shadow of the Colossus - ( first time fighting a colossus)
Gothic - (The living world)
Half Life 2 - Ravenholm
God of war - first levels

IDK these are just a few
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Fallout 2 - Tanker video.
Fallout 3 - Dad's death.
Bioshock - Would you kindly.
Max Payne - first mission.
Deus Ex - Sending the world to a new stone age.
GTA:SA - final mission and any interaction with The Truth.
Oblivion - Intro.
Far cry 2 - listening to Jackal tapes (the ones i found anyway).
Diablo 2 - Cinematics.
Codename:Hitman 47 - Ending.
Knights of the Old Republic - Battle with Malak and Ending.

 Those would be mine.
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The first time I nailed a scout, in mid air, to the wall with the Huntsman. No cheesy cutscene can top that moment. Sadly, I was a crappy sniper overall and later became a semi-worthy engineer and medic (I leave the twitchy precision classes to the kids).


BTW, the game is TF2

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Magic Carpet - Seeing the in-game message "Vodor has died". He was the weakest of the 3 other wizards and it happened a lot. My brother and I still laugh about that loser now. Still playable via DosBox.
Tomb Raider - the moment Lara climbs out of the Sphinx head, and the camera pans around the cave. I hadn't seen anything like it before, so I wasn't prepared for the vertigo moment that I felt.
Wipeout 2097 - amazing game overall, but the final track has a huge jump and you think "oh shit am I gonna land this"
Dungeon Keeper - RTS and FPS in the same game? Madness! I looked forward to hearing the descriptions of each new level as much as playing the game. The sequel played "Burn Baby Burn" when one of your creatures won in the casino too.
Half Life - (Blast Pit) In a circular room, full of ladders which invite making a noise i.e. mistake. You have to creep around a creature which has three heads on stalks which listen to your movements so that it can squash you with one of its beaks.

Edit: Oh yeah and the Thresh vs Billox Quakedelica match on q2dm1 for laughs. Thresh rode up a lift onto a high structure, jumped off the top and in midair he railed Billox just as he appeared onscreen. The tally for that match was Thresh 56 Billox -1, with Billox managing to blow himself up towards the end.