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Just out of curiosity I am wondering what your next game purchase is and why.

My next game purchase is either I Am Alive on March 7th or Ghost Recon on May 22nd. I Am Alive depends on reviews as well as how the demo appeals to me. Ghost Recon on the other hand is a definite purchase. I am tired of fast paced/run and gun shooters. I am ready for a tactical game when you have to think about each and every move you make.

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Xenoblade Chronicles, since I'm the type of guy to support the localization of obscure Japanese games.

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Possibly Binary Domain. Really liked what I played from the demo. If not that, then Mass Effect 3.

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I Am Alive, I guess. Already purchased Mass Effect 3 so that's coming to my door soon anyway.  
There's probably a ton of Indie Games too and Indie Bundles that will need money, so yeah. I'm not sure what my next purchase is

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SMT: Devil Survivor 2 probably.

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Rather, Syndicate on Tues! Legitimately looks unlike any other shooter out there. The $20 Amazon credit with the pre-order helps.

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After my exams, I'm buying either Syndicate or the Darkness 2. After that it's ME3 then Ghost Recon.

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Mass Effect 3 - Journey ... and if I can I will pick up down the road Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Soul Calibur V

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Most likely Mass Effect 3 unless some crazy Steam sale pops up.

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Then ME3 and SFxT

Then AC5

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In my current financial situation... Max Payne 3 if I'm lucky.

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last one was skyrim just before xmas

saw a couple deals for deus ex, heavy rain and rage that i might go for

still not done with skyrim so i might leave it, and i have a backlog of mass effect 2 and ac brotherhood so i want to give them time too,

might be a while before a new game

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Syndicate + Jak and Daxter then SSX then Mass Effect 3 and then Journey.

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Already preordered ME3 on Amazon, so I suppose I'm just waiting for Guild Wars 2 at this point. Or maybe I'll pick up Darksiders, after Patrick recommended it so highly.

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Mass Effect 3.

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Mass Effect 3

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Well, I already pre-ordered Mass Effect, so probably SSX.

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@RetroVirus said:

Well, I already pre-ordered Mass Effect, so probably SSX.


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Already have SSX pre-ordered, next will probably be Max Payne 3. I usually just borrow the Mass Effect games from a friend after he finishes them.

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I'm not buying any games this year. I spent enormous amounts of my salary on games and a PC upgrade last year. 
I was hyped for Max Payne 3 but it's clearly shaping up to be Grand Theft Payne 3. 
Edit: Ah, I forgot that I'm buying Alan Wake in March, just as a thank you to Remedy for Max Payne 1 & 2. Otherwise, nothing.

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Either SSX or a vita game.

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Jak and Daxter Trilogy and after that Yakuza Of the End, I want ME3 but I am incredibly cautious about getting my hopes up, so no preordering for me on that one.

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Mass Effect 3. I cant wait!

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I don't pick the games i play, The games pick me.

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the next game is SSX but i pre ordered that. the next game i actually have to pay for is SFxT

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Patrick got me interested in Darksiders, and it's pretty cheap on PSN. I might buy that.

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Probrably Crysis 2.

I'm already still hooked on the first one since October 4th.

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Either Twisted Metal or Jak and Daxter Collection.

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Probably Binary Domain

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Clearly Mass Effect 3, Diablo 3 & Far Cry 3 at least... Perhaps some shooters, depending on the demos and reviews. Not the most exciting year I must admit!

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The Collector's Edition of Alan Wake for PC and then Mass Effect 3.

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Devil Survivor 2 probably.

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Either Alan Wake's American Nightmare or Yakuza: Dead Souls

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I have way too many unplayed games so I'm on a purchasing ban, but if I wasn't it would most likely be the new SSX.

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Probably going to be I Am Alive. Or finally pick up Dark Souls.

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Well after impulse buying Reckoning I WAS going to make sure I don't buy anything until Mass Effect 3, but I impulse bought Alan Wake last night at like 6AM.
So I have no idea. Hopefully just Mass Effect.

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Alan Wake's American Nightmare will be the next thing i 'purchase' but the next thing I play will probably be Syndicate. Hooray for games coming out

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Purchased Twisted Metal and BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend today. SSX will be next and then I hope that'll be it for me for the time being.

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Either Minecraft, Okami (Wii), or Rhythm Heaven Fever.

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A Vita.

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SSX probably, but I won't have money for it for a little while.

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UFC3 maybe, and properly Shogun 2:Fall of the Samurai although ive already pre ordered but don't see me getting any other games before that peek my intrest.

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Arkham City or Forza 4

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Mass Effect 3

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I'm thinking of buying Driver: San Francisco or Rayman origins but I don't have a job yet and I'm looking at my savings and trying to figure out how I can buy the game and still pay my bills.

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At the moment I'm thinking Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning. That may or may not change after I play the demo though.

I may feed my rather unfortunate FIFA addiction with the purchase of Fifa Street 4, but I'd rather stick with Fifa 12. Only time will tell.

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Mass effect 3 is most likely. Although a part of me wants to buy Darksiders after Patrick's glowing praise for it.