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Today, I was thinking about how I prefer XBox joysticks over Playstation joysticks because they concave and it doesn't feel like they are pushing my thumbs away. Then I got to thinking about it and I don't even have my thumb fitted inside the joystick, I'm using the middle of my thumb to push against the lip of the joystick. And so here we are, now I'm asking how does everyone else situate their thumbs? In the middle, on the bottom, or something else entirely?

Using the middle of the stick vs. the bottom of the stick

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Both seem normal to me, so I suppose I use both.

Also, is that a really big skateboard or just a tiny Husky?

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Maybe that's why I prefer the Dualshock, because my thumb naturally rests on the d-pad.

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My positions with controllers are normal, btw..nice dog.

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Depends on what I'm I'm doing in the game.

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I put my thumb right on top of the analogue stick, smack dab in the middle. I assume that is the "normal" position for most gamers.

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On the center, also............ This gets me off

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I keep my thumb on the rim.

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Considering most games I spend moving forward I think it ends up being a natural place for a thumb (towards the back lip that is). In a game like Geometry Wars where you are moving all over the place it may make sense to use the top surface, though.

Also that dog is god damn adorable.

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In the middle. How do you go down in the second picture?

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Im surprised no one has come in and just put in a picture of a mouse. Also did not notice the Dog the first time.

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@ekajarmstro: You leave enough room on your thumb so it rolls up over the lip and you pull back with the tip of your thumb.

I wonder if my style of thumb placement (the second picture) has to do with me using analog sticks since the original Playstation and my hands being much smaller in those days.


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It depends on the sticks and what I'm doing but it usually ends up around the bottom of the stick (to push up) or the center.

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@ekajarmstro: I do that and hook my thumb on the indent and pull downwards. On the PS3 controller I just keep both thumbs center because that's the most ergonomic thing for me.

I've always liked the PS3 controller better than the 360, with the exception of the horrible shoulder buttons on the PS3.

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I still see people using their (under-)knuckle centered on the PS3 sticks, all while complaining that their thumbs touch while playing and it feels imprecise. I use the top "half" of the final segment of the thumb because I like holding things correctly.

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In the center and if I need to rotate them really fast I use my palm.

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I'm gonna eat your pup.

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Starts in the middle...