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When I'm done with Dark Souls II.

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Gotta raise da monies somehow! Hit the streets, shake some ass. I'm waiting on Deus Ex

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  1. I need a new TV before getting new consoles
  2. I'm probably going to wait for 4K TV's to be mainstream before getting a new TV
  3. The new consoles can't do 4K gaming
  4. So I'm probably just going to game on the PC until consoles can do 4K, whenever that happens
#104 Posted by mrcraggle (1837 posts) -

I'm going to wait until sometime next year and see if there are any issues with these new consoles. My PS3 Slim has been fine but it is prone to crashing one in a while. My 360 on the other hand was bought around 6 months after launch yet it was still a launch console which meant it suffered from RRoD which had to be repaired then it broke again a couple of months after the extended warranty.

The only launch games that look interesting to me as Killzone and Resogun. I do really want to play inFamous though as well as whatever Naughty Dog release. Nothing at the XB1 launch has me excited but if a sequel to Forza Horizon were to happen, I'd be more interested.

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#106 Posted by Grilledcheez (3943 posts) -

November 15th unless Target screws up and sells my console to somebody

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@tobbrobb said:

When is Platinum's new next-gen game out?

What are they working on? If it's Revengeance 2 or Re-revengeance or Revengeance Twoce or Revenge with a Revengeance Vengeance or something of that nature, I will power jump right now and yell fuck yeah.

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The PS4 doesn't seem to be offering anything that my PC doesn't already do and I've never been the biggest fan of their exclusives (except for Naughty Dog). I like a lot of the functionality the XBox One is offering but I'm very wary of getting locked into their XBox Live services. I dunno, maybe next fall? I still have way to many unanswered questions to consider either.

...a Dance Central announcement could sway me though.

#110 Posted by DrStrangepork (128 posts) -

Nothing about these new consoles are grabbing me yet so most likely late next year. If something comes out that really wows me I may jump on board sooner.

#111 Posted by OurSin_360 (837 posts) -

I don't plan on buying a ps4 until next year sometime, but I know for a fact that at times i can be an impulse buyer and if they are available i may end up grabbing one. But man, i'm disappointed so far in both consoles so far, xbone can't even get crossplatform games running at 1080 and have he nerve to charge 100 dollars more for a worse gaming experience, and fucking sony is taking out basic features for no damn reason. Can't play cd's? wtf kinda shit is that? my ps1 can play cds. smfh

#112 Posted by Mijati (897 posts) -

I'll probably get a PS4 once I get my bonus in April.

#113 Posted by Guesty_01 (339 posts) -

Man, I need me some Super Mario 3D World. Gunna have to really suck up to the mrs this Xmas if I'm hoping to get one, haha.

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I'd be a fool to part with money for either one of these things when the PC I play games on is more powerful than either of them and the games come at a fraction of the price on Steam. I suspect many of the console manufacturer's potential customers are in a similar position due to them dragging out this generation so long. I am forced to predict both will suffer from exceedingly disappointing sales and it will cause a lot of people to experience varying degrees of schadenfruede when that happens. If the gap between PC and the next-gen consoles is already as notable as it is now, before they're even released, imagine what it will be like in a year or three.

It's going to be interesting to watch from the sidelines but if you're a player of computer games, you're already taken care of far better than either of these consoles have to potential to achieve. If it's advice you're after mine is this: If you have the money to spend on a gaming habit, spend it wiser. Don't buy either console, just upgrade your PC. You will have made your money back 10 times over in a year or so with the Steam sales (as well as the other DL services e.g. GoG and Amazon, but Steam is the main player) and you'll have so many games to choose from, all of which look and run better than their console counterparts, you'll not have enough hours to play them all.

#115 Posted by RazielCuts (2940 posts) -

- Hopefully when this puppy is released.

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@cactusapple: You ever consider that, you know, some people might just want a console over a PC? for many, myself included, the biggest reason to own any gaming system is the games that can only be played there. not simply how many polygons a machine can push, or what frame rate it runs at etc.

#117 Posted by Guesty_01 (339 posts) -

@cactusapple: You ever consider that, you know, some people might just want a console over a PC? for many, myself included, the biggest reason to own any gaming system is the games that can only be played there. not simply how many polygons a machine can push, or what frame rate it runs at etc.

#118 Posted by Natedogg2 (446 posts) -

If I hadn't bought a new PS3 earlier this year, I would have probably considered picking up a PS4 this fall. Now, I'm going to wait for some time (probably a year or two, depending on finances) before I consider picking up a PS4.

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I'll most likely get a PS4 when the slim model is released in 2-3 years. I'm hoping to get a better PC before then.

#120 Posted by Rekt_Hed (847 posts) -

@jayeh said:

Launch. Never been an early adopter, want to experience those things for myself.

Same as. First time I've been in a situation where I can afford to get a new console day 1 and judging by the life cycle of the current hardware it ain't gonna happen anytime soon after this so I wanna be a part of it too.

...Though every day we get closer I continually ask my self why have I pre ordered a PS4 now...maybe I should wait. Then I realise the alternative is to get a whole new PC (My old one is waaaaaaaaaaay passed upgrading.....and then I continue to wait for PS4!

#121 Posted by afabs515 (1014 posts) -

At least 6 months after launch. I have a gaming PC, so for multiplatform releases, I already have the best experience in most cases. But, there are some exclusives I really want to get my hands on, like Infamous. As of now, I'm pretty sure Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and (please God let this be announced this month!) Persona 5 are all console exclusives, so I will most likely be buying a PS4 at some point. Pretty much given up completely on the XBONE though.

#122 Posted by Superkenon (1397 posts) -

I've traditionally never adopted at launch. No reason to start now.

Already got more than enough going on with the existing consoles, so I figure I can wait to see how things shake out.

#123 Posted by leebmx (2227 posts) -

Probably early next year. I would have maybe got one this Christmas if Watch Dogs was coming out.

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Spring or next year sometime. I'm not just thinking of the PS4, though at the moment that is my inclination.

I want to see things a little more.

#125 Posted by Hector (3356 posts) -

Probably when Destiny comes out. I still haven't decided which console yet though.

#126 Edited by sinthe (8 posts) -

I recently played with a ps4 demo they had at frys. Knack is surprisingly fun, well, to me. But, I'm waiting till more games come out for both consoles. Till then I'll just stick to pc.

#127 Posted by Dylstew (20 posts) -

I don't think I will. I need money to buy a new PC, or atleast upgrade it, and I already bought a 3ds(I care more about handhelds). There's no real new game that makes me want a new console.

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Whenever I finish college and have the spare money and time to buy one. Same deal with most of my friends. Who knows if we will even game together by then, seeing as we are all off to different places. This console launch was perfectly timed to make it super unlikely I will get one. But it's too early to tell for sure.

#129 Posted by development (2106 posts) -

I don't have nearly enough money to go spending it on consoles when they have nothing I'm interested in playing on them. Maybe I'll pick up Deep Down and a PS4, but I'm really not liking what they're doing with that game's story and atmosphere. There's really nothing that's been announced that's gotten me excited, so maybe some indie games will come up that'll spark my interest. So... mid next-year? Something like that.

#130 Posted by TechDemoTREX (27 posts) -

Sometime at the back end of next year. I'm having way too much fun with my PS3 right now and I'm guessing those PS+ games will only get better as time passes. And the only console that's got a proper library right now is the WiiU.

#131 Posted by razzdrazz (62 posts) -

I was bummed because I didn't really have the extra money to buy a new console, but then I realized that if I bought it, I'd probably use it for Netflix more than gaming, since the launch lineup is so thin. So, I'll most likely wait around until March or so, when more games will be available.

But, not having a good gaming pc, I'll have to scrape by on PS3 games, 3DS games, and whatever games I can duct-tape together on my Macbook Pro. Luckily for me, there are a wealth of 3DS games coming out (Zelda, Yoshi's Island) and a bunch of PS3 games I haven't finished (haven't even started GTA V yet). But, I imagine that I'll probably just play a ton of Hearthstone and call it a day...

Still, I'm super tempted to just save up a bit extra and build a new pc. My computer from 2006 just doesn't cut it anymore, especially in the living room...

#132 Edited by Cactusapple (62 posts) -

@guesty_01: That point can be turned around. The PC also has platform exclusives and the biggest back catalogue by far, including backward compatibility concerning current-gen console exclusives when the emulators inevitably come out after a few years once the tech allows. How you make decisions concerning spending your own money is up to you, but I personally would not let a handful of games that are only going to be available on one console sway me into parting with 400-500 quid. What happens when I've played them? I'm then left with the same old situation of an inferior piece of hardware playing inferior versions of the rest of the games at a higher price.

It just doesn't make sense to me.

Also to address the strawman argument you set up - I did not say graphical fidelity was the overriding concern, but in this day and age why settle for an inferior product and pay more for it? When you CAN have all the polygons and the framerate and the anti-aliasing and the hi-res texture packs etc for a very reasonable cost compared to the alternative, why settle for less? My favourite game of all time is Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup so I'm hardly a graphics whore, but given the options available, sticking with PC, for me, is a total no-brainer.

@razzdrazz: "Still, I'm super tempted to just save up a bit extra and build a new pc. My computer from 2006 just doesn't cut it anymore, especially in the living room..."

Do it, you absolutely won't regret it, and saving the small amount extra now, and priding yourself on having that little bit more patience than most in order to enable you to wait it out happily, will save you buckets of cash over the generation.

#133 Posted by MidNVis (23 posts) -

When they release something I want to play that isn't also coming to current gen consoles. So I dunno, when Kingdom Hearts or something comes out?

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@vanick said:

Launch because I'm dumb and impatient.

my life in a nutshell.

#135 Posted by FakeKisser (317 posts) -

I had a PS4 pre-ordered, but I canceled it. I'm primarily a PC gamer and am going to build a new PC in January. Most games I want to play are also coming out on PC, so I don't really need a console until at least mid next year. I'll almost assuredly buy a PS4 first for the same reason I bought a PS3 but still don't own a 360... More games on 360 also come out on PC whereas Playstation has more "true exclusives..."

#136 Posted by Captain_Felafel (1553 posts) -

When I have the extra $400 to plop down for a PS4. There are already enough games coming to that system, eventually, that I want to play that it's worth jumping in as soon as possible.

#137 Edited by j0lter (225 posts) -

I will be buying a PS4 probably some time next year. There are honestly no games coming out at the moment for it that would justify getting it early. I like to wait until they put out their "fixed' version of the console, working out the bugs of the initial launch console. Just look at all the changes the ps3 and 360 went through. Hopefully these consoles don't require as much fixing, but my hopes remain minimal.

#138 Posted by Sammo21 (3214 posts) -

I have had mine pre-ordered on Amazon for the day one edition since they opened the reservations up last June. A friend in Amazon shipping has told me they may ship them to customers as early as Thursday but either way I am getting one at launch. I am excited.

#139 Posted by BRich (431 posts) -

Pre-ordered an Xbox. At the very least Ill have Forza to play.

#140 Posted by TooWalrus (13139 posts) -

Destiny, InFamous, Metal Gear.

#141 Posted by marc (492 posts) -

thursday night for me

#142 Edited by NegativeCero (2976 posts) -

I'm honestly thinking about waiting as long as possible, probably a couple years and decide whether I really need one or finally get into PC gaming.

#143 Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles (1698 posts) -

@jayeh said:

Launch. Never been an early adopter, want to experience those things for myself.

#144 Posted by Sessh (733 posts) -

Probably gonna wait about 5-6 months, which should be enough for a second generation of consoles to come out. I really don't want another red ring of death marathon.

#145 Posted by laserguy (439 posts) -

I need a job first. Then I need to convince my wife to let me. Then I need to get my balls out of her purse.

#146 Posted by Hunter5024 (5552 posts) -

I intended to buy a ps4 on launch day until maybe a week or two ago. I just can't justify spending 400 bucks to play Knack. Instead I'm waiting until early next year when my financial situation clears up a bit. I definitely intend to have one by the time Infamous comes out.

#147 Posted by Whitestripes09 (400 posts) -

Considering that my PC is pretty under powered for next gen and the fact that I just don't play very many games on PC other than CS:GO, I think I'm going to go with the PS4 at launch. Figured I might as well be a filthy casual and enjoy some of the next gen games that will stream out from this upcoming year.

#148 Posted by McShank (1629 posts) -

soon. maybe jan/feb as I just dont want to get hit with first round consoles ../

#149 Posted by Lydian_Sel (2480 posts) -

I don't own a television and probably won't until we move into a bigger place so it could be a few years. Probably by the time there are cheap slim versions of the PS4 & Xbone on the market.

#150 Posted by Roger_Klotz (765 posts) -

Xbox One at launch. PS4 sometime in the future.