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About Ryan? When the news hit, I was in disbelief, but couldn't cry no matter how hard it was.

It wasn't until the Mailbag with all of the flowers over his desk and the somber shot showing it. It sunk in there, I actually shed tears right then. It felt fully real for the first time.

Then, "That's So Ryan" was just so hard to watch, even if it was a glorious video. It just is something I wasn't prepared for. All of this. Crying for a dude I never met, but we all know so well.

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I never really broke down. I got very sad when the news hit, with the tributes, and the bombcast. But I never really felt overwhelmed by it.

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I never broke down. I feel sad for his family and friends and liked the guy a lot, but I cant just break down for someone I don't know personally. I'm not that type of person.

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Monday after I got back to my hotel room.

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Just something about that shot with the flowers, the mood, the fact it was his desk and had his Xbox there on the table — it was just some sort of really sad reminder of the loss.

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I never "broke down" I mean, I never talked to the guy, shocked is probably more appropriate when I found out and afterwards I've been a bit sad/weird , and I really felt for his wife, still do.

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Never. I was shocked, had a lump in my throat when I read the news, I was also pretty teary-eyed while listening to the bombcast episode about Ryan and on a few other occasions (watching videos etc). But I never broke down, probably because I didn't know him personally.

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I was in a daze when I first heard the news. It didn't hit me until i received a reply from Ryan's father on twitter. I wrote him that as a father, i could not imagine what he is going through and he replied. . .

@Skadave@taswell please keep you son close by. Hug them every time you can, learn to love him unconditionally. The best gift you can give.

This hit me hard. Even now when i read it, it still gets to me.