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Poll: When does a Quick Look stop being quick? (222 votes)

1-20 minutes 1%
21-30 minutes 4%
31-40 minutes 5%
41-60 minutes 9%
60-90 minutes 5%
90-120 minutes 4%
depends on the length of the game 14%

so, after the second 2+ hour QL, I was wondering what constituted a "quick look" to you. Because I don't know, 2 hours isn't really that quick to me.

What say you?

(also I wonder if they knew how long these things would end up being when they started the site)

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15 minutes.

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If we look at the original Quick Looks, anything past 20 minutes is considered long. I personally don't mind. If the game is good then why not have a longer video?

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they actually touch on this thought process bit in like the second pax panel,

how for the endurance run for persona, they said there was no way you can play that JRPG for just 15 mins at a time,

so i bet that thought process applies to quick looks,

quick look is just a name at this point :P

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When it becomes an endurance run

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@dethfish said:

When it becomes an endurance run

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Quick Look is a style now rather than a literal description. You hear the guitar and anything that follows is a 'Quick Look', not necessarily a quick look.

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I love long quick looks!

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After the credits.

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It's all relative and depends on the length of the game.

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25 mins or less for Sleeping Dogs is madness, might as well be a non-existent look. At the same time a 30 seconds quick look EX with some brain dead developer who is obviously extremely uncomfortable talking to other human beings is like an eternity.

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I thought in some video Jeff discussed how he liked that with Giantbomb they could take more extensive looks at games, where as with Gamespot they made them do shorter length content. I could be just making all this up though...

Anyways, I really don't care how long a QL is because they longer it is, the more content I get to watch. Whether that means I have an hour long QL I can watch spread out or shorter ones I can watch in one go, doesn't really matter to me. I enjoy both.

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I voted purely on my definition of what is considered "quick." Of course, we all know that quick looks were really short in the beginning, and the format evolved to allow for enough time to show off a general idea of a game. Some games take 15 minutes to explain, some take an hour, and some are just really long for the hell of it like those simulator videos we all love so much.

Also remember that none of these videos are scripted or planned in great detail, so lengths vary depending on the staff's interest in how much of the game they wish to cover.

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Where's the thread that guy made with all of the Quick Look stats, and the average QL length per year, and everything?

I think it would be interesting to also break down Quick Look length by staff member. I think Vinny and Brad can easily be goaded into continuing a Quick Look, while Ryan often ends them a little earlier than other staff (sometimes seemingly because he reaches a point he can't get past, so he just calls it). I feel like Jeff is probably the best at showing off a game enough that you get the idea without overstaying his welcome.

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Nothing stops the Quick Look!

Hour long Quick Looks are still too quick! Hook these so-called "quick" looks into my blood stream and keep 'em going all day long!

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I think 30-40 mins is the perfect length for a quick look. There are exceptions like the HotS one which almost requires a long quick look because of how much is packed into it.

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90-120 min. Past a hour or so, it's something closer to a feature than a quick look.

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3 hours apparently...

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It depends on the game itself but I'm content with half an hour on most games, I don't need to see too much on a shooter like CoD or Halo but an RPG with deeper mechanics can go on longer.

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They are always quick, baby! - That's what she said.

Wait, I fucked this up.

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When it becomes an Endurance Run

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The longer the better.

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When they don't call them Quick Looks

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Considering the lengths of games, pretty much all the quick looks are quick compared to the total size of the game. Apart from Bad Dudes which they finished on the quick look.

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Silence your words of blasphemy!

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Your lifespan is around ~80 years. Quick Looks are always quick.

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It's just a name used for brand recognition. Quick Look now isn't really meant to be taken as a literal thing any more. When you see the word Quick Look before something you know it's just mostly unedited footage of Giant Bomb guys playing a chuck of a video game, doesn't really matter how long it is. Personally I prefer the 45 minute long videos to the shorter ones, it gives me a much better idea if I would like the game way more than any other way of viewing it would.

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Depends on game length. The "quick look" denotes a certain style of video, but only implies that it is not attempting to hit the full breadth of whatever game it is. You could probably do a 4 hr quick look of world of warcraft and still technically be under those limitations.

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Depends on how entertaining the Quick Look is. An hour of Vinny playing Sleeping Dogs will fly by, 20 minutes of someone fumbling with a game that they don't understand and "explaining" it anyway isn't much fun to watch nor is it useful after the fact.

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Around the 40 min mark but I make exceptions for Vinny QLs because he makes the entire thing fun. 2 hours and 10 minutes for Euro Truck Sim 2 and I wouldn't trade it for anything

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Past 20ish minutes. I rarely watch any quick looks these days and when since 40+ minutes is the norm I rarely even start them at all. In 2009 I watch every single one to a degree.

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44 minutes is way to short and 46 minutes is way to long. So...

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The Quick Look wasn't originally intended as a main feature of the site. It was just a video they made for Burnout Paradise I believe and then they made another video, then another, and it just became a thing.

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They are always quick, baby! - That's what she said.

Wait, I fucked this up.

Because I don't think @animasta ever really said anything close to that.

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My time is worthless, so any amount of it that these guys want to fill with videos, of any length, is fine by me.

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A Quick Look stops being a quick look when the staff actually prepares beforehand..

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39 minutes

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However long it takes to explain the games and it's mechanics. Once they've shown everything and there's nothing left but to play the game then they call it. That's how they want it and to me, that seems like the best way to handle it.

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I dont see a "Fuck You" option on the poll.