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Poll: When is a Game Complete to you? (100 votes)

When I see the credits roll. 87%
When I have all the Trophies/Achievements. 13%

Just wondering about other peoples views on this. I'm a credits guy.

#1 Posted by Winternet (8265 posts) -

Oh the illusive middle ground. Where art thou?

#2 Posted by JZ (2343 posts) -

When I bone it

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Otherwise i would have "completed" only about 10 games instead of dozens.

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After I saw the credits roll and had enough fun with it to not want to play it anymore.

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When its not fun anymore

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Whenever I feel done with it. I played sixteen hours of Dark Souls, fought about five bosses and got all I ever want out of that game. I have all of the achievements for Oblivion but so long as I can still install wacky mods and stumble into new dungeons, I'm never going to be finished with it.

#9 Posted by HH (884 posts) -

when i'm bored.

that very rarely coincides with the credits,

never with achievements.

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"When I see the credits roll." Has my vote, however I do sometimes make sure to get some achievements for fun.

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When I don't wanna play it anymore.

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When I get bored of it, but I'll vote for credits since that'd be my next answer.

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Oh the illusive middle ground. Where art thou?


Seriously people, learn to make polls that aren't fucking black and white. It's not hard.

As for my answer, merely playing a game to the credits, especially nowadays when games are so short, isn't usually enough to satisfy me. But I also rarely have any achievement or trophy based aspirations. To me, I feel I have completed game when I feel satisfied by it. In other words, when I've had my fill of its gameplay and it's no longer stimulating or fun. This can be achieved through multiple playthroughs, conquering harder difficulties, or digging into multiplayer.

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Always watch the credits. I don't feel like I've finished the game properly if I haven't.

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When I've gotten all the achievements.

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Cheevos cheevos cheevos cheevos. Games with multiplayer achievements can fuck right off, though.

#17 Posted by mtcantor (966 posts) -

Credits. If I haven't gotten it by the time they roll, I am almost definitely not going to get it.

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I don't chase achievements and I have no desire to collect every little trinket hidden in a game. When the story is over, I am done. Roll credits.

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When I've stopped playing. Usually post-credits, but often beyond, and sometimes halfway through.

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Depends on the game and if it was fun enough to play though again. But for most games I play them till I see the credits.

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Like other have said. Depends on the game, it just needs to tickle my brain in such away. MG Rising tickled it enough to complete it 4 times, 3 times in the one day.

While Far cry 3 I am pretty ready to pack it in and I just got the wingsuit. Going to complete the main story and then trade it in.

Fallout 3/Oblivion/Skyrim I do not consider complete despite finishing the main mission.

Sleeping dog I completed yet I dont feel its completed....I am not changing achievements around either.

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Till the end credits, I don't care for collectibles or anything like that.

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Literally when every inch of that virtual soil has had my virtual boot stomping on it. OR, when every mutant/zombie has been shot in the face... Then I am done.

#25 Posted by nerdsbeware (272 posts) -

Until I feel I have gotten enough out of the game. May that be post-credits, mid-way through the game or after everything that can possibly be done, is done.

#26 Posted by D_Bones (421 posts) -

Umm cause I'm nuts I'll almost always go for the trophy completion, however, if I don't really like a game or am super bored of it i'll stop after getting 50% trophy completion. That's what I always go for unless the trophies are hard as shit. PLATINUMS BITCHES!!

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If it's a game I liked then completed game = Platinum. If I was indifferent or didn't like it then credits is good enough.

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When I've done everything that doesn't feel like an extra optional thing. Smash Bros. Brawl had credits but you've hardly completed it by the time you see them. You're also probably not going to collect and unlock everything extra just to say you've completed it.

#29 Posted by Zebracal (75 posts) -

@hh said:

when i'm bored.

that very rarely coincides with the credits,

never with achievements.

Actually the same reason for me. I have played some games and never bothered finishing them.

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I'll play until I'm not having fun, but I hate leaving games unfinished if I can help it. I at least have to see the credits roll. Cheevos forget it..I play lots of RPGs, open-world action adventures, etc, and there's too many esoteric trophies, MP trophies I'll never get, or ridiculous collectible hunts I'll never finish. I like achievements too. If I can finish a game's main story and get 65% of the trophies, I consider the game done and dusted.

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When I don't want to play anymore. Some games I have played through to the credits, gotten the platinum and continue to play. I stop when I am no longer having fun.

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I'm generally inclined to stop playing after I hit the credits.

#34 Posted by NapTimeSleeper (344 posts) -

Generally when I see the credits roll. It differs for me depending on the game.

#35 Posted by Knochenkotzer (18 posts) -

I picked option #1 but it's actually kinda a mixture of that and me just feeling I can't get any more out of the game, be it due to the difficulty or a lack of further interest.

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It used to be B, but then I came to the realization that my time has more worth than that, so now it's A.

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I lose interest in games once I finish the campaign.

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I like to collect all of the achievements/trophies that I don't have to go too far out of my way for. Usually this means skipping the max level and collectable ones, but any kinds of different story beats that I missed I'll certainly go back for.