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With Ryan's passing (miss you man) and Patrick moving, I think we all know there will eventually be a new guy at GB.

We also know he won't be able to fill the space in our hearts that Ryan left, so let's not expect him or her to do so.

What I'm saying is this. Let's be nice to the new guy when he shows up. I think we all know this is what Ryan would do, and he would expect no less from this great community.


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I'd hope it'd be a familiar face.

They knew what they were doing with Patrick though, I like Patrick. He fit the site pretty well.

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Will there be? I'm not so sure, dude. I don't even think the staff knows what they are going to do yet, nevermind what we think will happen.

It's too early to tell.

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@stonyman65: The site averages about 2 million unique users a month, and they were struggeling to put out enough content with a five-man team. They're two men down now. There will be a new guy.

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I imagine a helicopter landing outside Dave's house andBrad and Vinny in suits telling him that they are bringing him out of retirement.

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Phil Fish

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Man I think it would be awesome if Danny O'dwyer from GameSpot UK joins the GB crew full time. He seemed to fit in really well when he was down covering E3

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We'll just have to see...

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In my fantasy land it would be Mikel Reparaz to help elevate the beard levels.

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I'd say rich gallup but...

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While I appreciate the sentiment of the OP, I'm of the opinion that it's still too early for talk like this, and regardless of timing, discussions about staff members are probably best left to staff.