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Like most everyone, I have that list of games that I have always intended to finish, but never got to. I have been attempting to return to this recently and started some of the oldest stuff on there. Now the first one was Front Mission, originally for the SNES. Now, this game has not aged well, and I greatly doubt I have the will to see it through, Vagrant Story, (on the PSP, no less) the a little blockily textured, has even now enough originality compared to anything else out there to still be worthy a late playthrough. It got me to thinking though, is there a sell by date on classics? And if so, do you think remakes help mitigate this?

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I naturally forget about games in my backlog. Mainly due to me finally realizing I won't go back to them. 

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I wish I could do that, its like they haunt me, even years later I will go back to games I know I was probably better off missing... 'Arcana, I'm looking at you' Damn my OCD...

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The only game I have that falls into that category is Max Payne. I've finished all my other games (except for Brutal Legend, but that game was garbage to start with). 
It took me 7 years to get 100% completion in GT3. As long as the game still holds up you can still go back to it. Unfortunately Max Payne does not hold up. I've tried going back to it twice and I just can't stand how it handles movement. I really want to see the last 2/3rds of the game but it's just unplayable by todays standards.

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I finally went through my steam games list and cleaned that fucker out. Went from about 63 games installed all the way down to about 20 standby games. I always felt guilty looking at that list and seeing the games that needed to be played. Now that they are gone, I don't have to worry about them anymore. Then there are all my console games......
I'm a pretty hardcore pack rat when it comes to games, so even if I haven't beaten a certain game, I know I'll get to it eventually, so I never have the heart to finally put it to rest.

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My sister and I still promised to finish Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2 one day. I doubt it. As for me, I have a ton of games I'll never beat, but that was back when I was much younger and not very good at games. Nowadays, I may stop playing for a bit, but as soon as I hear about a sequel or something, I'll make sure I've finished the first game before I move on.
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I have no clue, I only backlog it when we move to the next generation of consoles (unless it backwards compatible). 

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I don't give myself a time limit to go back to old games.

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If I got nothing to do or nothing else to play. But it's not that often that happens.

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@EpicSteve said:
" I naturally forget about games in my backlog. Mainly due to me finally realizing I won't go back to them.  "
Basically this, though my backlog is several hundred games.
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I only concern myself with the current gen of games, in terms of backlog. So all my PS2, GC and XBOX games that I haven't played have no expiration really. I'd rather just try and keep up with this generation. So that way when next generation rolls around and we have those droughts, I'll go back to the PS2, GC, XBOX ando ther games I have unfinished/unplayed.
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Back in the day I had to write-off Super Metroid because I was so far into the game but left it for a week and returned with no clue as to where to go next. Yet, in my mind is the gnawing feeling that such a great game goes unfinished. So I guess it's never really gone from my backlog