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It doesn't necessarily have to be a new release game, it just needs to be new to you (so you could play a game from a decade ago, which then becomes your new all time favourite).

Personally, the last time I got a new favourite game was when Braid (PC) was released; so, that would have been April 2009. Before that it would have been Bioshock.

So, when was the last time a game took over your previous #1 spot? What was it?

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probly WWE '13. for me it was the first wrestling game i had really played in close to a decade and since release ive probly put a few dozen hours if not more into it.

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3 years ago, when I first played Persona 3: FES

nothing else has come close since

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Similarly to FancySoapsMan Persona 3 became my favourite 4 or 5 years ago (whenever it came out). I put like 100 hours into that game and I never do that. Closest I've come since has got to be Burnout Paradise which coincidentally is my 2nd favourite game.

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12 Years ago,when I first encountered the beautiful beast called Deus Ex.

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Battlefield 3 ... started playing in December 2011. Sue me.

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Others can't touch it so it's not fair, but Tales of Vesperia is my favorite of this generation.

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I'm still chasing my original Counter-Strike high. I am a console gamer these days, but I really think that the lack of dedicated servers typical of matchmaking-oriented games leaves players without a "home" and discourages online community building. Yeah, yeah, I know you can play with your friends at any time, but there's definitely a benefit to joining the same server every day and playing with a "local" crowd.

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Mass Effect 2 probably (played in 2011). It was the first time I had played a well done cinematic game, so there was some extent of impact like the games I had played a few decade ago.

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@PandaBear: ive tried so fucking hard to give that game a shot. but aafter the mess that was the launch and other issues ive had, i just cant like it. id really like to. i think the idead of battlefield is amazing. i just wish sombody else besides DICE would make the game. they are like Obsidian. they come up with really good ideas, but are piss poor developers who make buggy and unfinished games.

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This year, actually. Just not sure if it was the new release or the older one yet, and if either really tops Super Meat Boy.

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Uncharted 2, which I played in 2010. It's still got what I consider to be the most satisfying shooting out of any TPS I've ever played, and the story and characters and more adventure-y aspects hit all the right buttons.

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About the time I realised I'd been playing SF every day for a month.

Before that, it was speed-running through Metroid Fusion repeatedly.

Earliest was probably reading absolutely every snippet I could about Shadowman pre-release, totally devouring the lore, then playing the fucking shit out of it as a 10 year-old. That game was the tits.

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The Assassins Creed franchise as whole for me. Although the story has been dragging on for a bit too long for my taste I really enjoyed playing through the whole Assassins Creed 2 Ezio trilogy. Plus, this is the only open world game where I find the combat to be fun and enjoy just goofing around randomly stabbing people.

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This generation. Motorstorm

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I played MGS2 10 years ago and couldn't deal with the wonky controls but playing it in the HD collection back in February definitely made it one of my favorite games.

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Probably Paper mario 64 whatever year it was released

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Mine were:

  • Dungeon Siege 2 - 2006 until december 2009
  • Dragon Age: Origins - december 2009 until april 2012
  • Mass Effect 1,2 & 3 - april 2012 until ???

Yeah, before 2006 I never thought about a game being my all-time favourite.

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This generation it's probably the Assassin's Creed games. 
Before that though, probably Final Fantasy 8 when that came out. 

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It was back in the year 2000, when Shenmue was released. Yes, I'm one of those people…

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I don't know if I'd quite call either of them my All-Time Favorites, but I really, really liked Orcs Must Die 1 and Hotline Miami.

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The closest I've come lately has been Dark Souls, but I haven't had a game dethrone Baldur's Gate II since 2003. I was a little young to 'get' the D&D games when they first came out but when I snapped up my dad's collection back then BGII stuck.

I'm willing for something to beat it, because I don't want to be the nostalgia-tripper, it's just that I really haven't come across a game better than it.

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The perfect storm that was Persona 4. I started watching the ER when it began and after 10 episodes or so I got it myself, dusted off the PS2 and went to town and got past where the guys got. I finished it way before the ER ended, but the combination of experiencing how fantastic that game was, watching Jeff and Vinny play it their way and the way the community turned it into a very zeitgeisty thing made it an extra special experience.

The exact same thing happened with Deadly Premonition.

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Skyrim, Oblivion, and GTA Vice City all occupy that space but I can't rank them.

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Bulletstorm last month. It was the best experience I had in singleplayer with a first person shooter. A captivating and funny ride, with interesting and mysterious locales, great gameplay and humour. Nothing topples it for me.

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Persona 4. Loved P3, but 4 just grabbed me more, I guess.

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9 Years ago when Dark Chronicle came out.

and for serious, this gen probably dark souls.

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I added XCom the most recently, but before that it was Dragon Age: Origins, L4D 1/2, KOTOR and Evil Genius.

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Super Street Fighter IV definitely hooked me hard and would chart on my all-time list. I think Ghost Trick and the second Phoenix Wright game would as well. I really do love Capcom and the games they make.

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All-time favorite recently would have to be Demons/Dark Souls. That'll be a classic I can always come back to many years from now.

Dragon Age: Origins, all 3 Uncharted games, Super Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat (2011), and a few other fighting games I'll add as well.

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Mass Effect 1

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I think it will have to be Read Dead Redemption.

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When Mega Man 2 came out.

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Dark Souls actually. I dont know what it is about that game that gets me but it does

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Fallout 2

Metal Gear Solid

Deus Ex

Resident Evil 4

Saint's Row The Third

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MGS, 14 years ago.

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Portal/Portal 2. Those games are pretty much my ideal video games.

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Chrono Trigger, this past summer.

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Nier probably; Hotline Miami came close, as did Binary Domain, but...

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When I played Oblivion for the first time back in '08.

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

I bought it twice, for the pc the second time around, and with all the variations of playthroughs I enjoyed over hundreds of hours including DLC, the Shivering Isles expansion, and mods, it probably holds the record for the most time I've spent on a game.

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Mass Effect, only the original. After that, it was Dragon Age, Origins only. Now, it's probably Skyrim. But really all three are essentially tied as they are all pretty different.

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MGS3 when it came out and then Bioshock on X360 when it came out. I dunno though, Final Fantasy VIII holds a very special place in my heart still.

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In about 2005 when I played Metal Gear 2 for MSX. Very anachronistic of me. Then again me and the modern games industry is kinda going our separate ways so yeah... I'm one of those persons.

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judging by that GTV trailer.... soon

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12+ years ago, Vagrant Story

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It's hard for me to ever nail down an "all-time favorite," but I think Dark Souls is the most recent game to come close. Prior to playing that I would have said the original Deus Ex without any hesitation.

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2010 brought Rock Band 3, Mass Effect 2, Mario Galaxy 2, and Kirby's Epic Yarn, which all rank very highly among my favorites.

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Mass Effect 2 probably, so 2010.