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I wasn't bummed out by Mass Effect 3. A lot of that game was great. So probably that game.

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I remember excitedly buying SSX last year, only to learn later not only is there no split screen multiplayer, there's not even head to head online multiplayer. It was all asynchronous. That was really disappointing. Obviously Mass Effect 3 was disappointing. My roommate bought NCAA Football 13 last year, which was surprisingly glitchy and just not that good, really.

I've been wary ever since, and it seems that wariness has been justified with Dead Space 3 and The Sims most recently. Most of EA's games these days feel soulless, and it really doesn't make me feel good. So I ask you, what was the last EA game you played where you were like "Yeah, all right!"? I hear the NHL and FIFA franchises are good, but I've even heard people complain about those as well.

I don't know, EA has become a punching bag of late, but I feel it's pretty justified.

Edit: I kind of want to delete this topic. Right after I posted it I regretted it since I felt like it wouldn't really go anywhere, but I don't know how to delete a thread, so I accidentally deleted my main post, and I reposted it and now it's second and I look silly.

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Before I knew about online passes I went to play one of the NHL games my roomate owned. I want to say NHL 11. Anyways I was pretty bummed out when it asked me to pay 10 bucks or whatever it was to play online. Still hate online passes fuck that shit.

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Looking at my shelf I'd say Dead Space 2. Any game I own of EA after that release was either "ok" or "what a disappointment".

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Their MMA game and of course Mass Effect 2 are excellent games. Since then, meh.

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Every FIFA so far has been an improvement on the last, been bummed out by plenty of EA games but they still deliver superb FIFA games I guess.

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Weird. It looks like I'm the OP now. I'm not, by the way. The dude below my first post is.

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Pretty much every NHL game, although I really wish they'd bring them back to the PC. Hell, it's the only reason I haven't sold my XBox.

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Freedom Fighters.

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I felt that Battlefield 3 was a step back for the series.

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Need For Speed Most Wanted. I really liked that game. It was a ton of fun.

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I guess Mass Effect 2.

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Dragon Age: Origins

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It may not count, but Shadows of the Damned was fucking awesome.

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Battlefield Bad Company, Mass Effect

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Mass Effect 3. Or Battlefield 3 can't remember which I bought last. Honestly I have yet to be really dissapointed by a EA game to the extent other people seem to be.

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I really loved Dead Space 2. I think that was the last time I really enjoyed any of their games. They had a really strong couple of years when they were trying to repair their reputation and produce more unique games. Then they stopped doing that.

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Mass Effect 2

I wasn't bummed by Dead Space 2 or Battlefield 3 but i wasn't super excited about them either. Mass Effect 2 is awesome.

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I think SSX sounds right. I actually really enjoyed that game.

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mass effect 3 was solid for me- but that's also the last time i bought a new EA game.

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I was disappointed at Mass Effect 3, but not bummed out.

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Most of their stuff really. The only time I have been bummed about an EA product is the new SimCity. While I have not bought it myself, alot of the things I have heard about it are bumming me out. Mainly the limited size of the cities.

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Bad Company 2. That came out 3 years ago. About 2.5 years ago they started acting like complete dirtbags and I decided I would not buy another one of their games. I broke that rule once for BF3 but it was a huge disappointment so I went back to not buying EA. Was prepared to break it for SimCity but I didn't and won't now.

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I hadn't played a football game since the 08 editions because this generation of video football has been horrifically bad compared to how good things had gotten on the PS2, but I bought the NCAA and Madden games on a whim this past fall due to all the hype surrounding the new physics engine. Ironically, I was really disgusted by Madden (no draft classes, no legitimate Franchise mode, janky animations, etc.) but I ended up playing the hell out of the NCAA game.

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I really loved Dragon Age 2, and thought Mass Effect 3 was good (even if I the gameplay toward the end was a boring slog, and I couldn't be bothered to watch the ending cutscene stuff by that point). In my experience, they have released a lot of very good but deeply flawed games.

They are usually still very much enjoyable though, even if seems like they are artificially inserting fail into games that seem like they could naturally progress decently (e.g. don't tinker with DA1 combat so much, just drop the decision making aspect at the end of ME3 and try to flesh out something more substantiated).

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No really, a lot of the stuff surrounding the game bums me out a bit but I'm perfectly happy with the game itself. Actually I can't remember the last time I was disappointed with an EA game.

EDIT: WTF, just noticed that the OP was deleted.

EDIT2: Oh, I just actually read the third post entirely, I get it now.

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Dead Space 3, Battlefield 3, and to a lesser extent, Mass Effect 3.

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Battlefield 3?

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Fifa 13 and probably Mass Effect 3 before that.

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Bad Company 2. Battlefield 1943. NBA Live 2005. Dead Space. Dragon Age 2. I WANTED, to like Mercenaries 2, so-o bad..

I seriously need Mercenaries 3, this next-generation.

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@jasonr86 said:

I wasn't bummed out by Mass Effect 3. A lot of that game was great. So probably that game.

I genuinely enjoyed it and all it's the DLC, the most recent "Citadel" most of all.

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Probably Mass Effect 3, I liked Dead Space 3 as a game but all of the online pass co-op stuff pissed me off a bit.

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Mass Effect 2 i guess? I bought the ps3 version and got all of the dlc so that was a pretty good deal. Since then I've been kind of meh on buying EA games.

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As far as what they recently published I would say Kingdoms of Amalur and Mass Effect 3 which funnily happen to date back to the beginning of last year.

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I don't think Dead Space 3 necessarily bummed me out. It just didn't wow me as much as DS2 did - still game was perfectly fine for the most part and did it's job of ending a major story.

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Dragon Age Origins.

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Mass Effect 3. The single player was a little disappointing, but the multiplayer more than made up for it.

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Probably Dead Space 2?

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Mass Effect 3, as far as I can remember. SSX and Dead Space 3 are the only big letdowns I can remember right now. Otherwise the EA games I've bought during the last couple of years have been fine.

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As recent as Dead Space 3. I don't really have a problem with EA.

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Never been bummed out over an EA game. I mostly play the sports games which are always top notch. I also love Mass Effect and Dragon Age (and I think both series get better as they go on, DA II and ME3 are my favorites by far).

I don't see how you could get bummed out about Battlefield 3. It's a stellar game and I'm a hardcore Call of Duty fan.

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Dead Space 2 was the last game published by EA that I thought was great and didn't have the EA dick up its creative aspect, limiting it.

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Mirror's Edge probably.

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I wasnt bummed by an EA game prob going back to the 90s. They have ruined too many great companies for me to not be bummed by anything they do. It can be a great game, Im still fucking bummed its from EA. Id rather not support them in their next take over of a great company that they will eventually turn into complete shit.

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I just now started playing the orginal Dead space, and finished it, Im on Dead Space 2 and having a good time...I hope it carries into 3 but I got a feeling my love and praise will turn into moans and whimpers.

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@poyples said:

Every FIFA so far has been an improvement on the last, been bummed out by plenty of EA games but they still deliver superb FIFA games I guess.

Yup, pretty much what I came in to say myself.

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Battlefield 3 probably, but I didn't really have any huge expectations to that so it wasn't too hard for me not to be disappointed by that.

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Dead Space 3

A very solid game in it's own right, it just doesn't match up to DS2's excellence.

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Mass Effect 3 was the BIGGEST BUMMER! But last time would probably be Dead Space 3, although not as much for me.