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Mass Effect 2?

Yeah, probably.

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Mass Effect 2 was the last time that they really did right by me as far as I'm concerned. Battlefield 3, Dead Space 3, Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 3, SimCity, all games that I was looking forward to and all games that completely dropped the ball in my mind for completely different reasons. Battlefield 3 was the least offensive but even that had problems if you look at it compared to Battlefield 2, 1942, or even 2142.

They seem to have some of the best franchises but fuck it up by pushing their online pass, microtransaction, always online antics. And it's weird, I remember for a time around Mass Effect 2 that EA was considered the good guy and Activision the bad guy. Activision is still the bad guy, but EA has really become worse. It's like a rapist (Activision) and a pedophile (EA), both are shit and you wish death on both... but one is worse than the other.

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@msavo said:

Looking at my shelf I'd say Dead Space 2. Any game I own of EA after that release was either "ok" or "what a disappointment".

Yeah, this.

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ME3 was fine, if nothing special. I had heard so much about the ending (without knowing deets) that actually experiencing the ending myself resulted in a shrug of the shoulders and me moving on to the next game.

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im more familiar with the bioware stuff than most of the other EA games but probably DA:O. that was the last time i gave a shit about one of their games at least. ME2 was very well done but i was supremely bummed that the times they were a changin and that bioware was headed in a direction that diverged from my interests a bit.

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Bad Company 2

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Probably Dead Space 2

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I really liked Syndicate. I also only paid about $6 for it. I would have been pissed if I had paid $60. The last full-price game that I thought was worth the money was probably Dragon Age: Origins, or Mass Effect 2, I can never remember which of those came out first.

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Mass Effect 3 I guess. The main story wasn't great but it never was anyway. I was still somewhat bummed by some of the game design, though.

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The thing that's always a bummer about EA games isn't that they're bad games, it's that often they're pretty good games unnecessarily hobbled by extraneous bad ideas.

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Dragon Age Origins was the last EA game I liked, it's one of my all time favourites, but I was still disappointed by all the DLC crap that was around it. The way they cut the Shale content from the game and had that NPC in the camp that was there just to sell DLC and never went away as a constant reminder to go buy the DLC. I ended up loving the game despite EA's best efforts to make me not want to, and their hopes that making DA2 such a steaming pile would make me retroactively dislike the first game.

Don't know if it came out before or after, but I also really loved Bad Company 2's online. I loved the first game for the single player and the characters, but sadly they just turned it into a COD clone with 2 so I didn't enjoy it like the first.

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battlefield mp. last good single player game dead space 2, not played the 3rd

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005), Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3. I'm not really happy about the direction Criterion is going in with the Need for Speed franchise. It's like they just hijacked the name and car licenses just so they can secretly release a Burnout game. That's why I didn't pick up the new Most Wanted. It's blatant false advertising and I heard the handling isn't that great. Even the new Hot Pursuit felt like a step backwards. No split screen, no specific tracks, no showcase features, no interior view, and the lack of fine-tuning (which was in the original Hot Pursuit game) is pretty disappointing, especially since the original was released in 1998 and the third game was released in 2010.

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Mass Effect 3 is a totally fine game, and having adjusted my expectations accordingly, I was not bummed by what I got out of it. Ok, that ending was still terrible, but everything that wasn't that ending? Yeah. I still enjoyed it.

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Mass Effect 3

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Mass Effect 3 was fantastic, Extended Cut and all.

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Last time I was bummed out, Madden 2003 when they were using cheap disks and the laser on the PS2 would burn a ring into the disk rendering it inoperable.

Haven't had high expectations from them since.

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Dead Space 1. There are plenty of good games EA has published (Mass Effect 2, Battlefield) and some interesting (Mirror's Edge, Shadows of the Damned, Dragon Age: Origins), but they always manage to fuck some part of it. Morally bankrupt DLC or creative intervention mostly.

For some reason, it feels like Visceral could do whatever hell they wanted with Dead Space 1. Awesome production values from a clearly talented developer that was allowed time and resources to make something great, and it was something like 10-12 hours of the best surivival horror since Resident Evil 4. Kind of scary and hard as balls on higher difficulty settings. You could almost say there were some risk involved, even if the game took heavy inspiration from Resident Evil.

Even EA said fuck it; It was just a straight up disc release that you put into a console device and off you went. No crappy $10 DLC, online pass, season pass, microtransactions, on-disc DLC, not-limited limited edition exclusive story DLC etc. The game had DLC, but it was really innocent stuff like costumes and a few weapons. Looking back at articles like this is kind of surrealistic today.

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If Kingdoms of Amalur counts as an EA game, than that one. If not, probably Dead Space 2. Although I haven't tried Dead Space 3 or Crysis 3 yet, and they both look like my kind of generic shoot-em-up fun.

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Of the games I own, probably ME2. I played a friend's copy of Dead Space 2 and it was pretty fantastic.

I barely dug into SSX as I unsubscribed from XBL shortly after buying the game so I can't really comment on it. I also have a sealed copy of ME3 that I bought on release and haven't been able to bring myself to play it thanks in part to the whole ending fiasco.

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Mass Effect 3

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EA is a publisher not a developer so they didn't actually make most of the games people are bummed about.

EA publishes a lot so people focus on them but the ratio of bum games to non-bum games is pretty high no matter who publishes the game.

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FIFA 97, it had an indoor mode.

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I really liked Mirror's Edge but that was a case where I was ready to play an experimental game.

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DICE and Criterion games, for the most parts, are always a treat. Though both BF3 and NfS Most Wanted had a rocky launch too. EA's quality control takes the backseat too often. In the end, EA tends to make games I want to play though, and irons out most bugs and service hiccups eventually. My goodwill however is increasingly non-existent. Believe it or not, EA had earned quite a lot of that at the beginning of Riccitiello's reign, before his *all original IPs* campaign didn't make enough bank, and shareholders got awfully antsy, and now the direction EA takes is exactly what the shareholders demand, and EA's games are noticably worse for it.

Fuck non-idealist shareholders. If you invest in games, don't do it for maximum shareholder value. Invest in good games! Publicly traded entities like EA, I'd rather not be in charge of. What a hassle. Fuck the public! EA should find itself some gaming enthusiast billionaires, and put games back on the throne, not puny shareholder masses and their unmitigated greed.

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@poyples said:

Every FIFA so far has been an improvement on the last, been bummed out by plenty of EA games but they still deliver superb FIFA games I guess.

It's amazing to me how Fifa can continue to be so good, yet madden continues to be the lifeless shell that it is.

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Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf Coverart.png

Oh, EA, where did it all go wrong? :(

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Spore. I am slowly losing faith in Maxis, guys. That is not good.

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Mass Effect 2

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I never bought ME3 but BF3 big time for me. All this talk they had early that this was going to be built for PCs and what do they do? Build it for consoles... Just not that fun and completely ruined the Battlefield franchise for me.

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How 'bummed' are we talking about here? ME3 kinda bummed me out but I still really enjoy it. I was pleasantly surprised by SSX too.

They make some good games, it is scary what happened to Bioware under them though. I really thought they wouldn't strangle that studio like the old days... I guess whatever game they make next will be the final word on whether they did or not.

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Dragon Age Origins.

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Battlefield 3. I was bummed by Mass Effect 3

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@slag said:

Dragon Age: Origins

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Crysis 3

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After all the games going off steam only onto origin and the price points they are trying to charge, I haven't bought an EA game in a while. They actually attempted to criticize steam for offering value. That's the kind of cunt they are. Nothing to do with DRM or origin as a service, it's the pricing and preorder pap.

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Not sure how this was bad. It was a proper expansion pack rather than shitty DLC that was about half the price and 6-7 times as long as a Call Of Duty game. It added a whole bunch of new shit.

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@pretentioushack: I thought this was a thread about the last EA game we weren't bummed out by?

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Oh sorry, I misread. Usually every thread is about saying not nice things about EA.

Mirrors Edge I guess. Short but good and interesting game.

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Probably NCAA Football 12 and EA Sports MMA. Those were two sport titles I either got really into or enjoyed playing.

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I think I'll say both SSX and Battlefield 3. I'll wait until I play it further if I say Alice: Madness Returns as well.

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Shadows of the Damned, to be unique and special in this thread.

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Probably Dragon Age: Origins?

Or maybe...Command and Conquer: Generals.

Best, least balanced, RTS ever made damn it!

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Shadows of the Damned no doubt.

Good game, no online, no DLC, no bullshit.

Had a blast on all of my 3 playthroughs of it.

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I have to honestly say I have never been bummed out by an EA game.

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I really liked both SSX and ME3.

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Oh, weren't disappointed. Mass Effect 3.

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