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Since joining this site and binging on the video content, podcasts and general enthusiasm for games the staff has that I remember fondly from my PS1/PS2 days, I've started reminiscing on the games that made me feel that excitement. In particular, I've been thinking about the games that I just could NOT get myself away from. I'll list a top five of my most memorable addictions, starting with the heaviest, most life-consuming.

(This post wasn't intended to be very long at all but it turned into a pretty bloated little editorial. Oops.)


Other than Rare's classic N64 twosome, I've never had a great affinity for multiplayer shooters. Especially in the post-Halo/Modern Warfare era, I just can't bring myself to care. First person perspective, respawns, headshot and projectile "spam", and the somewhat unexpectated barrier of entry created by players who put hours into these games every single day all combine to turn me off. But for two or three glorious years, before SOCOM III showed the first chinks in Zipper's armor, there was SOCOM II. For the only time in my life I was the part of a clan, rooted in my group of middle school buddies but filled out with actual marines, stoners from California and dishwashers from Ohio. Spending time outside of school doing anything other than log onto SOCOM and play until the clock hit midnight was unthinkable. I can still run through the maps in my head like it was just yesterday, and continue to maintain that if Sony would just give me an HD remake of SOCOM II I would never need to buy another game again.

2. Mass Effect 2

Ranked second because it's the most recent. I grabbed this off PSN this past winter and it quickly became everything. I hadn't owned a single PS3 game other than the latest iteration of NBA 2K since Heavy Rain, and was beginning to resign myself to the idea that gaming was done for me. Mass Effect 2 changed all of that, I was Final Fantasy VIII-levels of obsessed with this game in the months leading to Mass Effect 3's release. I played a male vanguard game, beat it in 3 weeks, and immediately started a female Adept game. Beat it in two weeks, started a male soldier game. Beat it in 2 weeks, started a female sentinel. Only didn't finish because ME3 came out. It'd been YEARS so I was so eager to replay a game I knew all the story beats and level layouts of so immediately, and especially starting up a new save immediately after completing an old one. And then after I beat Mass Effect 3, I immediately went back and started another 2 save, forgetting the Sentinel character for another female adept. Granted, I haven't much touched that save since April, but it's out there, forever reminding me of the six months I wanted nothing but Mass Effect 2.

3. NCAA / Madden 2005

NFL 2K5 was rightly hailed as the apex of sim football in 2004, but the dirty secret among sports game enthusiasts was that EA's flagship titles weren't that far behind...more importantly, they were behind in ways that made the game slightly more fun to play. And in addition to the slightly more enjoyable gameplay, Madden allowed importing draft classes from NCAA, which meant you could follow the careers of the players from your school all the way from the day they signed a letter of intent with your school through to the day they retired from the NFL. Normally I'd only get about three seasons deep into each before I started simming like wild, but with the 2005 iterations I played every game of both seasons, including pre-season games, well into the 14th or 15th seasons of each league. That's 400+ games of offline, CPU football at 10 minute quarters (roughly an hour per game), not including all the hours put into scouting, recruiting and playoff games. It was an exceptional time sink, one made all the more amazing by how utterly unengaging every iteration of these games have been on 360/PS3 generation consoles.

4. [insert NBA 2K game here]

400+ games across two very different styles of football is one thing, but every year since 2K8 I've played at least 400 games of online basketball, even as the games have slipped a bit in quality the past two years. 2K13 will be no different. In NBA 2K9 I logged a high of nearly 800 games in just one year; when I say I haven't owned another PS3 game since Heavy Rain (unless Red Dead Redemption came after), this is a major reason why. Who has time for anything else?

5. Final Fantasy VIII

My one true gaming addiction. I know plenty of fans of the series hold this entry in relative disdain, but it was my first RPG at an age where I could really understand what was going on (I'd tried Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG in elementary school but couldn't really grasp it...which is sort of amazing since I beat Contra 3 and Kablooey) and I really enjoyed (still do enjoy) those characters and that world. Over a two year period I played that game to completion about 15 times, many of those games eclipsing 100 hours of total playtime with all characters a level 99. Some of them I'd keep my levels low to see how the game played when balanced to lower levels, a couple of them I collected all the GFs and most of them I got all the ultimate weapons for the characters. I'd spend playthroughs making up voices for the characters. I'd collect 100 of every magic I could hold. Of all my gaming addictions, I had to save this one for last because it's the only one I truly can't believe I let consume so much of my life, and the only one I'm sure I'll never be able to replicate again.

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I've had a couple recently actually in XCOM and FTL.

I'm worried about finally getting Hotline Miami, as I could see myself falling down that obsessive rabbit hole very easily.

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The most recent were Skyrim and Gears 3. I'd go back to them if I could afford ther DLC. Halo 4 will be my next obsession.

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Right now with League of Legends. I never thought I would be one of those people sinking money into a free to play game for skins and stuff. WHAT HAVE I BECOME?!

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DayZ for quite a while.

Before then? Eh

Since then? Eh

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I remember some disgusting sessions with Mass Effect 2. Playing from 7 at night to the sun coming up.

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Skyrim last year, played the hell out of it. Haven't really had one since, usually when I beat a game I'm done with it. Was almost in a Asura's Wrath addiction but I needed to beat other games so I cried a bit then but it back in its case....for now

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I was pretty big on Halo 2 the first 2 to 3 years after release. It was the first game I had ever played online so it holds a special place in my heart. I haven't really put as much time in any other game since.

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Bulletstorm. I didn't stop until I finished that game! It is awesome!

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If we're talking long-term addictions, I was into League of Legends pretty bad for a few months and the only reason I stopped playing was because I got a job in the summer and thus didn't really have the time anymore, not to mention the part where I was no longer in a college dorm and therefore capable of organizing a LoL group on short notice at 12AM.

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I can't do this. My personality is so focused on always doing something new, no matter what I'm doing, that I can't ever focus on a game for that long. The most I can get into a game is a couple of very intense weeks and then I fall off of that game and move on to the next. Makes keeping myself busy with games VERY hard at times, especially when I'm low on funds.

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The first Borderlands. Goddamn I played the hell out of that game. Stuck with the Soldier for the longest time then eventually moved on to other classes. Eventually I wound up maxing out every character and even completed all of Mad Moxxi's Underdome DLC (the right way) with some friends.

Too bad the same can't be said about Borderlands 2. Outside of the story, the sequel feels clinical and sterile compared to the craziness of the first game.

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100 hours of Skyrim in a week and a day or so. There was some... crazy... stuff going on in my life at the time and it was the perfect distraction. I basically played from about noon til around 3AM for 5 days straight even during the school week. I actually messed up my back doing that because I wasn't sitting with correct posture and it started hurting so I started working out even more to fix it.
I would classify my SC2 playing as a bit of an addiction even though I don't actually play it much anymore. I don't even enjoy it yet I feel the need to play it and stop myself from getting rusty.

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As we speak NBA 2k13 my god its crazy how many hours I drop into that game.

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Does 241 hours in 8 months count as an addiction? I don't know (admittedly I skipped two months in the summer)

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My current addiction is League of Legends, and has been since Minecraft. I'm not sure why i keep returning after the 1200+ games, I dont play with friends, dont care about ELO (i dont even play ranked). Sure the game can be really enjoyable at times but about half the games i get i dont get that experience, at least with Minecraft it could always reinvent how i play each new map but LOL is so constrained by the meta.

Thinking about quitting LOL makes me kind of upset but i cant think of a good reason to keep playing anymore. I guess since it's the first of November i might as well quit until 2013, if i feel like coming back than so be it but if not then ill be free,


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about a month ago i played burnout paradise for about 50 hours within about 2 weeks, so that was fun. Pretty much over it now, though. A lot of games I play in chunks, but then leave alone for a few days and come back to, I don't usually get hooked on one game nonstop. I am addicted to gaming, but not just one specific game. I usually do a roulette of "what am i gonna play tonight" and usually play a couple hours of a couple games.

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Forza 4. Now it looks like it'll be Forza Horizon. That game is so much fun.

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Borderlands 2 is probably my most recent. It was the first since Skyrim where I thought about it even when I wasn't playing it.

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Skyrim. I think it's the only game I've actually said to myself "ok, I have to stop or I will kill myself like those Korean kids" Kind of haven't played it since, a bit scared I think.

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I've never had an addiction to one specific game. I play multiple games at any one time. I do finish all of them, eventually. But I usually limit myself to 4 different games at a time, to avoid getting too confused over the mechanics of each game.

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Pokemon. I always use to end up with like 300 hours or so in those games before I moved on to another game or the next Pokemon. I've put at least 200 hours in Fallout 3 over 4 saves. When Call of Duty 4 was out, me and my brother played that games single player tons of time and when we got access to play online, we played the shit out of multiplayer. I've also poured almost 30 hours each into Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, & Assassin's Creed: Revelations multiplayers. Assassin's Creed 3 will be the next game I sink tons of multiplayer hours into.

Also, if I (my mom) didn't have to pay for electricity, I would probably die from sitting my ass down all day everyday playing video games, when I don't have college papers to write. Video games are a bad addiction for me. Just yesterday, I finished The Darkness 2 in one sitting.

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Probably Dark Souls. Its been quite a lean year of gaming, personally speaking,

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Binding of Isaac. And It will probably happen all over again when they release the non-Flash version...any excuse to play more Isaac :o

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I just did the math tonight and I've spent 0.19% of my entire life (359 hours) playing Dota 2. And I only got a beta key in June. And I'd never played a moba before.

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Call of Duty 2

I usually can't play games for more than a few months

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500-700 hours in Civilization 4.

Around 200 hours:
-Final Fantasy 6
-Sim City

Many games with 100+ hours, mostly RPGs and competitive games.

Just started playing League of Legends, and I predict bad things (for my leisure time).

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I've spent 75-ish hours with XCOM since it came out. Considering I have a fulltime job and a wife, that means some long nights have been spent fighting aliens.

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@Anund: Is she fine with you playing that much and always being tired because of it :D

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Borderlands 2. I was fucking hooked on that game.

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@Kralle: Well, luckily she usually goes to bed around 9:30 pm while I stay up to around 1am (though XCOM has moved that up to 2:30 am or so, occasionally). I try to keep my gaming time to after she goes to bed. Or if she starts watching reality shows on TV ;) But yes, she is a tolerant wife, hehe :)

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I played Guild Wars 2 a lot during its first month. Took a bit of a break for Borderlands 2 and such coming out, but I returned for the Halloween content and with the November update seemingly adding a lot too, I'm guessing I'll be around for a while.

I've been playing a lot of Pokemon Black and White 2 as well, it's the first time I've really been hooked on the series since about Ruby/Sapphire. Just beat the Chapions at the World Tournament and am now going to fill up the UnovaDex.

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Earlier this year I was losing whole chunks of days to The Binding of Isaac.

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I put a lot of time in Guild Wars 2 for a couple of weeks, pretty much played it from the time i woke up till i went to sleep.

spent a lot of time with Saints Row The Third. Beat it on the 360 then on the PC by myself then beat it with a friend on the PC and played about a third of it with another friend.

Persona 4 is probably something that i'm just constantly addicted to. Beat the game, played some of the second play through, watched the anime, have a Rise Kujikawa figure, and have the P4G Solid Gold Edition coming and will play a lot of that.

Played a lot of WoW before quitting over a year ago. 4 characters at level 85, 1 at 80, one in the early 70's and 3 more at lvl 30 or more. Thankfully it got to a point that i got bored with raiding and i got out of it.

I was also addicted to Harvest Moon 64 and Back to Nature, but most of the recent Harvest Moon games haven't been that great so I haven't played much of them or got into any of the ones that i have played.

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Killzone 2 i got up to no.33 in the world at one point

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Diablo III and Borderlands 2 this year I have put 100s of hours into.

Before that was Skyrim which is probably my all time biggest time sink if I were to add up the time spent between 360 and pc versions. I must of made 6 different characters that I got to at least the soft level cap. Goddamn thinking about it makes me want to make another character.

The other memorable one is Forza 3, so many hours spent on that. I was disappointed by Forza 4 so not so much on that one but Forza Horizon is shaping up to be my favourite racing game this generation next to Dirt 2 (I doubt anything this gen will beat that game for me).

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I still play it from time to time actually. As of late, it's been XCOM: Enemy Unknown taking up most of my time. I'm almost finished with my Classic playthrough so after that I'll wait for a patch before I start up an Ironman Mode playthrough. I've been put into very unfortunate scenarios in the form of Sectopods just teleporting in the middle of my squad and Mutons somehow getting under the map and flanking my dudes when they reappear. Even then, no other game hit me as hard as Picross 3D.

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I've put around 450 hours into Dota 2 since last december, so I guess that counts?

I put over 5000 hours into WoW from release through to the end of WotlK (second expansion) though, that's probably only time I've been addicted.

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The Mass Effect series. Late February this year was the first time I played Mass Effect 2 and I fell in love with the game so I played through that game a second time to get all the good outcomes to carry over into Mass Effect 3 and after that game I went back to play the original Mass Effect so I could have all the choices from that game carry over through out the series. All in all I played Mass Effect once, Mass Effect 2 three times and Mass Effect 3 twice.

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Battlefield bad company 2 multiplayer

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200 hours of Skyrim in the span of six weeks last year, and this year over 200 hours of Crusader Kings II in a similar time span, including several marathon sessions of 7-8 hours at a time. Skyrim was the top one though; I lost entire days playing that amazing game.

Hardly an addiction, since I did actually eat, sleep, and go out occasionally while absorbed in these games, but in the non-literal sense, these definitely count.

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I'm still playing Skyrim at the moment.

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The only one I can think of, is SWTOR during christmas vacation, 8 hours a day of gaming.
I don´t think I got addicted after that.

Now a day, I rarely play any games..

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Windows 8's Minesweeper these past few days.

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FIFA Ultimate Team

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WoW had me crying in the shower, thinking "what am I doing with my life?" So I reckon I had it worse than most of you. HAHA.

Never again.

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The only real game addiction I ever had (aside from being generally addicted to playing games :D) was Diablo II back when I was 15. Like, ten years ago.

Although I'm pretty sure that if they would release a decent MMORPG for the PS3 I'd be addicted to that.