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I have this idea in my head that I want to future proof my current game collection so will eventually buy another ps3 and xbox 360. I think it's pretty inevitable that we'll get a price drop on both of these seeing as their successors are both releasing. I'm hoping for E3 2014 being the time for a price drop but what do you think?

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I've heard there were going to be some pretty big sales on them for Black Friday ($100?), so that might be an indicator of things to come.

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Yeah, with the chance of my current ones breaking again I'll be buying a back up Ps3 and a back up Xbox360 as well.

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For how much longer are the systems in production? If the hardware is not significantly cheaper to produce then I dont think they'll want to make a bunch of stuff at a larger loss than they already are when they've got to grapple with new hardware. The PS3 is still being made at a $37 loss or something. If theyre just down to stock I can see them doing a final price drop to eliminate inventory costs.

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If you're in the US, black friday will probably be a big sale on both. Otherwise, definitely sometime 2014. E3 seems likely.

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@morningstar: I'm still running on a launch Ps3 and getting increasingly worried that it's going to die on me every time it enters massive heat and noise mode

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I would guess they'll be $199 with a pack-in game next Christmas. Maybe $179 or something like that.

I don't see them going down to a hundred for a long time. The PS2 still sells for that.