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A. Gamespot
B. Gametrailers
D. 1UP
E. Joystiq
F. Other (State)

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You there is already a topic on this...
But to answer your question, I'm from GS.

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I thought you were going to ask us where in the world we were from =P

As for me:

A. Gamespot

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A. Gamespot.

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This is about the 100th topic on this already
I'm from A and D

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C. IGN / F. Neogaf

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Riddler said:
"Im from my moms BUTT"
So your a poo baby? That's sick dude....
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Archaic said:
"Riddler said:
"Im from my moms BUTT"
So your a poo baby? That's sick dude....
so they had to cut you out? thats sad dude, your mom must hate you for that
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I'm from heaven, and am here to tell you that we sure do like our kung pow noodles! SHEBANG!

...I'm from GS

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A, and B. you should stop making these.

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E and F (/v/)

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A. Gamespot / F. Neogaf

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My mum.

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A. Gamespot

F. Other (Kotaku)
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A. Gamespot (left right after Jeff...)
B. Gametrailers (...and moved here, where I'll continue to post)

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My dad

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I was on the spaceship when Mork crashed down. That fucker sure was annoying...

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CARL said:
"My dad
Your dad gave birth to you?
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GS yah

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gamespot and kotaku and i used to go to joystiq.

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@Warfare: Why did you bump this really old thread?
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@JJOR64: WTF ? It was on the  Latest Video Game Topics  page.
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@Warfare: Lawl.  It's just a weird bug that bumps really old threads.  I hope this gets fixed some day.
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