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I have downloaded  peggle nights and i thought it was the full version but it turns out that it is only a trial, does anyone know where  I can download the FULL version for free?? 

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Peggle Nights is like a trial version of the full game, Peggle Deluxe.

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so where can i get a full version of the peggle deuluxe for free?

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Nope, unless you go to illegal sites.

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Rinkalicous said:
"Peggle Nights is like a trial version of the full game, Peggle Deluxe."
No, Peggle Nights is the full sequel to Peggle Deluxe. Both have free trials, neither are available for free. You can buy them from pretty much any digital distribution service.
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Do what you have to do... think about that for a second

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You can't get it for free (legally) but you can get it off Steam and various other places.

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LordAndrew said:
"MattyFTM said:
"Unless you're into another digital distribution service, your best bet for buying it is the official pop-cap store."
Or from Steam for half that price. In fact, why not pick up both Peggle games for $15? It's probably available on other digital distribution services too, but I'm not in the mood to hunt them all down."
I didn't realize it was cheaper on steam. I'll suggest that then. Steam is the way to go.
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1st life lesson, nothing is free

(unless you get it illegal, but then you pay with your morals)

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Speaking of Peggle. I've been playing some trial versions today at work after hearing the guys talk about it on a bombcast and I gotta say that this game is amazingly fun for some reason. It's so simple in it's design, but at the same time its crazy addictive. I guess I'll be buying a version on Steam in the near future. :)

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Plus you can get Peggle Extreme for free. More Peggle but with an Orange Box theme.