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I'm trying to make a flowchart for the basic design of recent fighting games, since I can't stop thinking about it.  Anyway, I wanted to get a flowchart going on Word, but the text boxes kept messing up for some reason.  I tried using SlickPlan.com, but it was pretty bad for what I'm trying to do.   
Any helpful suggestions will do.  Also, keep the topic on topic.

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You could try something like XMind. 
Not entirely sure mind-mapping is what you're after, but it should give you the tools to create a flow-chart.

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I've been using www.gliffy.com for university work since it has pretty good UML tools. Might do flowcharts well. Give it a shot. 
It's a web platform but its really responsive, and even stuff like keyboard shortcuts work perfectly. You have to sign up for a 30 day trial, but all the features are pretty much available. You can save stuff online, or export your work to various formats. 

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@nobel: I just started using it, and it's pretty good.  Thanks again.
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I use Freemind & Visio.  Here's a schematic I did for a what-if scenario to add a Hauppage to my A/V system for Visio (never did it though): 

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1. first define all the processes, actions, storage and conditions of the game

2. Then arrange them as step by step in a sequence to the end (out come of the game)

3. Then draw the flowchart from a flowchart software like Creately

Use boxes for processes, Arrows for the flows and Decision blocks you have Yes/No nodes