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I wanted to start this because recently I have been going to this trade in store near my house called New 2 You. People just trade in all sorts of stuff. Recently I had some awesome finds. I got a brand new copy of SF4 for 35 bucks, Final Fantasy 1 for the NES for 4 dollars and Mega Man 2 on the NES also for 4 dollars.

Where do you go to find deals on games that you would never find at a gamestop or an EB.

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I check Newegg.com sometimes.  Free shipping is nice.  I got Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway there for $19.99 when it was still $59.99 at Gamestop.

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Generally I go to amazon.com for deals. I also keep my eyes open for deals at Gamestop's site.

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Since there are no game shops within sixty miles of my place, I have to do most of my wheeling and dealing online.  I check places like Amazon, GOG.com, Steam, and Direct2Drive pretty regularly.  When I do get out of town, I like the Play and Trade, as they sometimes sneak in a few good deals on used games.

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indie stores are the best place for it in the good ol' uk.

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I usually look for game deals on Amazon.com, ebay, and my local game craze. My experience is that you gotta network to get them though.

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Origina1Penguin said:
I check Newegg.com sometimes.  Free shipping is nice.  I got Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway there for $19.99 when it ... [more]
Wow, nice find. Ill check that out more often.
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Half.com has some good prices but it's buyer-beware so you need to be careful.

Warchief said:
These guys are good, too. 

Also there is the Amazon deal of the day. Today (May 21) Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume is on sale for $20.00.  50% off is pretty good for a brand new game.

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I go to the cex shop, very good prices. Other than that amazon is where i shop

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Willow video.

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I usually just buy off Amazon, but I sometimes buy used games off of Gamefly, too. The tri-monthly coupons and discount off an already used game make it way cheap. I just bought Soul Calibur 4 for 10 bucks with free shipping. So that's cool.

Even though I have little interest in the actual game, it seemed like it was worth 10 dollars.

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I usually keep my eye on cheapassgamer.com but most of the deals I get come from stalking games on Amazon.  I generally save like $5 on new releases from Amazon and I get them really quickly because of having Prime.

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amazon is great

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cheapassgamer. They have a nice system that sends you an email if a game reaches your desired price.

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Just keep an eye on Steam and you're set.

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newegg, amazon, and sometimes Gamestop will discount something on occasion. Just bought Civilization: Revolution on the DS new for 6 bucks...

It pays to watch sites like dealnews.com too
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eBay, baby!

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Local auction sites offer great stuff, but I tend to support my local independent gaming store, seeing as it's getting some heavy competition from all the new chain stores opening up around my city. So I'll sometimes dish out an extra tenner for a game, knowing I'm sticking it to the man. Hopefully karma will grant me free games for it!

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I never go to one particular source. I generally speaking I dont just wander into a special and hope to find something I might like. The basic process is: 1) I want a game. 2) I look everywhere for the best price. 3) Purchase. 4) Enjoy. If I do go bargain hunting for nothing in particular I generally find you can get at least a couple of games worth of value out of an EB 2 for 50 sale. 

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www.gamestracker.com is usually a great site. I know they're UK based, but they do cover some US stores.

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Amazon, for sure. Especially the used listings.

For example, you got Street Fighter 4 for 35 dollars - Amazon's used section has it starting at $27.99, with only $3.99 for shipping.


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I will not shop with Amazon anymore. I once ordered a very very expensive artbook from them that was shipping from Japan and the order went horribly wrong (they re-directed it to a private seller without my consent after Amazon ran out of stock, and he kept my money), they span me a web of lies and eventually stopped responding to any of my complaints. There complaints procedure is the most difficult i've ever had to deal with as well, it's impossible to get a dialogue going.

I use play.com, shopto, playAsia and ebay.

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Smaller game stores and the internet (usually play.com, but there are tonnes of other places too).

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Just found Punch Out at the used store i mentioned in the OP, unfortunately its not Mike Tysons punch out. But still fun non the less.

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