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<p>I wanna fill an RSS feed with solid gaming news sites, industry blogs, write ups, etc. anyone have any favorite sites that they check out daily/weekly that're worth noting (besides GB of course :p)?</p>

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GB, Rock Paper Shotgun, Reddit, Twitter, Idle Thumbs podcast, and very rarely YouTube throws a relevant recommended vid at me. Jeff's Tumblr is pretty good, too.

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News: Twitter and NeoGAF. Twitter for direct news from followed developers and journalists, NeoGAF mostly for their hilarious fanboy-wars (and they're quite quick on posting actual news as well).

Interesting write-ups and video content: Giant Bomb

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The New York Times

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Joystiq and Rock Paper Shotgun but i get most of the latest news on Reddit and by following people on twitter.

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IGN and Kotaku

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Besides Giantbomb? The Swedish version of Gamereactor (which probably isn't much use to you if you don't speak Swedish) for general gaming news, PC Gamer for PC news. PCG have some pretty entertaining feature articles too even if you aren't that into PC gaming. Just ignore the current crop of platformwarz news (I swear, PC gamers can be some of the worst platform warriors out there) and you'll be fine.

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I follow all the major outlets like Polygon, Ign, and Gamespot on Twitter. And check most of those sites several times throughout the day.

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I tend not to follow video game news, since it's pretty dumb, and if a game's coming out, I'll know about it.

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Polygon, The Escapist, The Game Overthinker, Gamasutra, and on occasion Kotaku, Gamespot, or Destructoid.

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Here and GameSpot. Besides, most video game news these days is about business stuff and I don't like reading about business stuff because it gets real messy.