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I think it'd be pretty cool to see what everyones gaming setup/rig looks like. Below is my current setup. The only problem with my setup is that at certain times of the day the sun can peek through that window and kind of blind me since those blinds don't do a very good job. I also plan on upgrading that TV soon to prepare for the Next-gen.

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Sorry for the horrible image quality and it being too close-up, only have my webcam on me right now.

Have my PC hooked up to the TV, as well as the PS3. You can also see my drawing tablet there, which I use for my GiantBomb Animations! Yeah, that's a spoon.

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Not a big room but I'm still happy with my setup.

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My work/ play station -

PS3, 360 and Wii underneath. Both Mac's are dual booted with OSX/ Win 7 for work and or play (Steam).

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I think I've posted in every one of these so far. But what the heck, one more time won't hurt.

I didn't bother to clean up, but you see what it looks like in action, so cool? This is actually all my gaming equipment that is currently plugged in at the moment. I used to have a TV for the consoles in here, but both that and my 360 committed suicide overnight a while back. So I stick with just the PC and occasionally PS3 into my screen. Part of the faceplate on the box is taken off right now, but worry not friends, it is usually covered. <3

What I look forward to adding to this at the moment is just simply replacing the shitty screen so I can have a decent-looking setup and I'm looking into cheap solutions to replace my 360. New table might also be in order, but it isn't really a priority.

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I game in the evening.

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There are a multitude of these topics already. Here's a search result where you can pick from one of them and add your setups to it.