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Through what devices do you play video games?

Computer? Home Console? Portable Console? Tablet? Through the TV service? By the mp3/mp4 player? Cellphone?

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PC, PS3, Iphone.

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PS3 mostly

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I'm about to play Borderlands on my laptop, but... aw, snap, let me just show it to you:


It doesn't want to put the picture in for some reason... Anyway, PC, Xbox 360, PS2, and DS, mainly. I have a modified original Xbox that I play some Xbox games on, but it's more used to play SNES games on because whoever programmed the controls for that made using an Xbox controller pretty smooth for that experience - it's slick and snappy and feels right. And I use a modified PSP to play GBA games. And I have a Wii that I hardly use (also modified) and my brother has a PS3 and his own (unmodified) Wii.

I was really into console modding there for a while. Don't look at me funny. I also had a jailbroken iPod Touch for a little while that I (legally) played Peggle on.

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I play mostly on PC. But I do own a PS3, Xbox 360 and a Dreamcast.

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PS3 and sometimes my Laptop and Android phone.

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PC and Xbox 360.

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My dingaling my dingaling I want you to play with my dingaling.

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PS3 for the most part. I have a gaming PC but it seems to be somewhat cursed and tends to only work sporadically, so I just get my little PC gaming binges when I can take 'em and stick to my PS3 the rest of the time.

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From most to least: PC > DS > 360 > 3DS.

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Nowadays, PC. I used to be a couch + 360 / PS3 guy, but since the 360 is starting to choke hard with its multi-CD games and poor framerates, I'm back on the computer until next gen.

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PC unless it's a console exclusive. Them game boxes are showing their age, especially that 360 machine there.

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Mostly 360, with PC being a close second. PS3, Wii, DS, PSP basically tie for third. 

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Mostly I play on my 360 but lately I've been playing a lot of Dragon Quest 8 so my PS2 is seeing some life again.

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In order (currently): PC, XBOX 360, Wii, Playstation 3, GameBoy Advance

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The systems I currently use are: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS, and PSP. I probably play my 360 the most. I also have several older systems that aren't hooked up at the moment. I'd play PC games more, but my computer isn't the greatest; I need a newer one.

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PS3 and Vita :]

I used to play a lot of NDS games, but I somehow lost interest in Nintendo...

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PS3 and PSP. The PSP is great to burn time between classes in the University.

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You name it I got it. OK not really, I don't have handhelds or tablets, but all the consoles are shoved in my basement. And I got a laptop that runs games pretty well.

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I mostly play on the PS3, but seeing as how I just got a laptop and a Steam account, that could change in the future. I would definitely need to buy a controller though.

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Xbox 360 and occasionally my iPhone.

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Mostly my PS3/360, though sometimes I'll head back onto my PS2. Most recently I've been spending a great deal more time on my 360 because of Gears and Spelunky.

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ps3, a poor gaming pc(it wsent made for gaming as a result it runs minecraft/torchlight/terraria at an inconsistent framerate though terraria doesnt have it as MC or TL), ds, psp, Xbox360(its my brothers though) original X-box(again my bros), wii(though not very often).

thats about it.

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PC and 3DS.

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Home computer.

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PC and 3DS. I have the other stuff but I don't think I've used them in a good few years, consoles kind of became irrelevant when I got a good PC.

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PS3, Vita, Macbook Pro, and iPhone.

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Personal Computer...and occasionally some Wii

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All of the devices. All of it.

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xbox 360 and ps3

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PS3 and PC, but I just built a brand spankin' new turbo PC, so I have mostly been going turbo on my PC.

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PS3 - PC - 3DS in that order.

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PC, and I guess my iPhone when I'm killing time between classes. My 360 hasn't been hooked up in like two years (i.e. when I built my computer).

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PC, Xbox 360 and iOS. There are a LOT of really good older PC and console games on the app store. Playing GTA III at a faster frame rate and with higher graphical fidelity on a handheld iDevice only a decade after its release has me incredibly excited for the future. Imagine playing Skyrim on the iGoogle 360 Handheld Hologram Field in 2022...while taking a dump. Fucking awesome.

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360, for the most part. I'll sometimes play STO on my computer, though.

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Primarily PC, if i'm feeling saucy i'll turn around and play some PS3/360.

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PS3 then 3DS, PC, 360, and finally the Wii.

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I tend to play in cycles. There was a time where I was all PS3. There was a time when I was all 360. Now that I finally juiced up my PC and hooked it into my TV as well as my monitor I'm now all about the PC. I have a feeling that I'm going to continue to be all about PC for the forseeable future.

There's just something great about playing something like Borderlands on my main screen while simultaneously half-watching videos on my secondary screen. Also with Steam I can find games without sifting through ads and buying spacebucks.

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Mostly 360.

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360, PS3, PC. iPhone and/or iPad at night in bed. Rarely my 3DS (mostly for Picross 3D) or my Vita.