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So the PS4 came out last week, and the Xbox One is due to come out any day now. With these new releases looming on the horizon, I got nostalgic for the time when I actually played demos. If you think about it you might be able to remember the last time you played a demo (maybe even a good one, like the one for the Stanley Parable), but they have really fallen by the wayside in favor of more controlled stage demos. This is understandable in the past generation dominated by retail, but I think it's time to reconsider the way we think about demos. In this bright new digital future it really doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me to make a demo. However, I think if Sony and Microsoft started doing timed trials like XBLA and PSN already do, then at least I would be happy. What about you guys? Do you think that there is a place for traditional pre-release demos? Do you think demos for every game released digitally (a larger category this time around) in the vein of a timed trial or XBLA demo would work out better than traditional demos?

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I was just thinking this today. I was like "I wanna try Dark Souls again, apparently its GOTG worthy" but theres no demo on Steam. A few weeks ago before I had my new computer I wanted to try Borderlands 2 to see if it would work on my computer, but there was no demo. I see demos continuing to fall to the wayside in favor of PSNs timed trials or just staged gameplay videos. It's really a shame, IMO.

Now I'm checking to see if there is a Dark Souls demo on PSN. Wish me luck!

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@davidwitten22: Unfortunately, I don't think there's a demo for Dark Souls on anything. I think that Demon's Souls might have a demo, though.