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So I've been away from the site for a few months and I was just curious if Patrick still worked at the Giantbomb offices or if he's working from somewhere else? I'm just kinda curious as to what the situation with him is. Thanks

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He moved to Chicago.

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@sagesebas: He is Giantbomb's Mid-west editor extraordinaire. Also since then he's started up a morning show with Alex. You should check it out!

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He has taken on the role as Giant Bomb's Sr. Iron Galaxy Correspondent and is working out of the Giant Bomb Midwest offices.

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He moved closer to his family in Chicago.

He's been pumping ALOT of content, in fact he's been doing more than any one other GB duder content-wise.

Also his morning show with Alex is pretty great. Twice a week. Its almost a mini-podcast with those two dudes. It's awesome.

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Sweet thanks I will check it out!

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It's a good time to get into Bombin' in the A.M. as well, as I anticipate a good 5-10 minutes on the state of video games in light of all this twitter-misinformation over the weekend. Being that Patrick doesn't have his go-to ice breaker the Chicago Bears to talk about this Monday.

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He is actually in China on a top secret mission.

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@clonedzero: I love for us, a mini podcast is one that regularly lasts an hour. It is good though! And you can treat it as a podcast as they release an audio only version for just that reason!

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Trickles is all around us, at all times; he has ascended to a non-dimensional being of pure energy... man.

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@sagesebas: Stick around for another hour and watch the morning show him and Alex has.

EDIT: Forgot about Daylight Savings on my side of the Atlantic, it's on right now.

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He fell off his bike

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@evanomeara said:

He fell off his bike

Some say he is still falling, tumbling his way through space.

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He was replaced by his evil cyborg twin after his tumble with a bipedal mobile transport device. We've still no sign of him, but it's okay because his replacement is awesome.