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Rouge, despite my run in and hack and slash die mentality. 

Although recently I've shifted more towards a Mage.

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Stealth/Light Warrior(Dual wielding ranger) etc.

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People have this craze with dual wielding im not sure why. I get the same appeal but I think its unoriginal :P

I'm never a healer, in fps games I dont mind support roles it takes more finesse to be good at. You know I dont really have a class I always pick I usually pick depending on the game. Like hellgate london i went with the knights because It particularly appealed to me but I dont usually play warrior style characters.

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I wouldnt say i choose a specific class its really a toss up between the Knight and Mage when i play a game.

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^which are probably like the two biggest classes to pick from :P

most other classes are just subclasses of those.

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Too much of a wuss to be a warrior and not wussy enough to be a priest
Also not dieing is fun

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Sniper! Yea, I went there, you never did specify what type of game you were asking about... :P

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A Ranger.

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I enjoy being a Sith Lord wearing underwear. It is a nice change to the usual midget boxer I choose.

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When it comes to shooters, I like heavy-weapons-guy-type characters. When it comes to RPG's, I like mages.

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In fantasy games I usually pick the Warlock/Necromancerish class. In shooters it's whatever is most versatile.

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Usually a mage, or something speedy.

So in fantasy games, that's a mage.  In shooters, it'll be like the Scout in TF2 or Ranger in U2XMP.

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I almost always find myself being a Paladin if available. 

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Most of the time it is support roles rather then the tanks

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... games. Just because of you, I vow never to look at this site, and tell everbody i know that it sux.

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It was a pretty terrible viral. I didn't even notice the link til you said anything.