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Which do you like THE MOST?!

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First one. The second one plays a lot better but I preferred the Zelda-esque structure of the first game.

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First one I found the second to be a huge disappointment. Couldn't wait for it either. Fuck.

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I've only played the first one so I didn't vote. But isn't the 2nd one better in every way? How is it less of a zelda game?

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I really liked the first game and was left pretty underwhelmed by the second.

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first one for sure.

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I've only played the first one but voted for it anyway. :D

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I loved the first one and was pretty disappointed with the second one. D2 improved a fair amount of the gameplay but there was no story to hold everything together, so the whole game felt like one tedious sidequest after another, even when you were playing the main story quests.

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Yeah, I was really impressed with the second game for the first few parts and my enthusiasm slowly waned as I played. By the end I was left with a mostly ambivalent thumbs-up. First game was more engaging.

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Darksiders the First.

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First one

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The second one. But only just barely.

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First one by a long long ways.

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Second? Wow, I'm certainly in the minority here

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I feel the second one had too much stuff and spread itself too thin. The first was very tight and solid and thus felt like a complete experience. Darksiders 2 has everything and the kitchen sink and, while I'm impressed they actually made a game that worked, felt a bit loose because of it.

I do think the platforming/traversal in 2 is leagues above 1, though. But I still prefer 1.

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I really did not like one that much. I love 2 a lot. I like the loot and the combat much more and there are still great dungeons.